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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Cellphone to SmartPhone to Computer

Technology today compare to technology a few decades ago has become more integrated in our daily life. I said this because as i observe may own progress and my countries progress. One example of how technology evolve was the CELLPHONE. When i was just starting out after graduation the cellphone was just coming into our lives back then, they were still bulky and big, then came the wireless type they become small and more user friendly but still they are not in a level as it was today compare back then.

Today smart phone can be applied to almost anything in our daily activity, such as money transfer, online payment, ticket, web surfing, watch video streaming, tracking device and etc. It also acts a as a person locator, back then a person can go through his daily activity without these devices. It is still for luxury. But now only a decade has past and the cellphone has evolve into something very-very handy. almost every people in every country has one type or another, depending on the services and models available for that region.

Old black and White display mobile phones

Also almost all mobile devices has multiple feature in them, they are not just for texting or calling, but has evolve into a lot more very useful application for business, finance, personal health, hobby, and a lot of other interest. The price has also gone down from 5 to 10 years ago where it used to cost a lot for a simple cellphone. While now a days, one can buy prepaid phone kit from almost any location in every country.

Also the phone design has come a long way from the early bulky type to the cover change, the antenna was place on the inside, using a single key to navigate the entire menu to playing music and watching video with bigger memory capacity, games has also evolve from black and white to full colored feature games type just like what is found on a PC and also using different type connectivity. From GSM, GPRS to 3G.

The latest in cellphone technology innovation is the touch screen navigation, that is using your finger to select menu, feature and function. The use if button to navigate your phone is slowly being put away step by step, as new model comes from different manufacturer, one trying to outdo each other to have a piece of the pie of the smart phone market which has grown a lot in this past years.

It has become an essential part of everyday activity. It helps a lot of people to know that they are connected to there family and friends on a 24 hours basis. 

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  1. I strongly agree with your insight about today's technology and back then. It has gone far. Nowadays, people lives depend on their cellphones while few years ago they are only use for communication. It only shows that level of technology is continuously increasing as years pass.

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  3. Very nice post about today's technology. I love the way you expressed.

  4. Hello there, glad I was able to find your blog. I agree with your post about phones. I have an EVO now and it is far from the original cell phone.

  5. People are also accessing online accounts through their phones, hence the demand for custom apps for mobile phones.

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  7. With smaller aerials, I often wonder if mobile antennae have to be more powerful to transmit through the metal and plastic of the phone battery, circuit and casing.

  8. I am fully agreed with the article on this blog. It is just for the updated technology and the blessings of modern technology.

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  10. People spend most of their time with cellphone and new tech. We're slave for new gadgets and new models of cellphones.


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