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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Computer 101

One may ask a question What is a computer? and the answer to that depends on how do you look at things, the computer, basically it has screen which display the information, it has a keyboard and mouse to access and manipulate this information and a main system unit where all the information is store and process. All this component are link together via cables, all this cable is connect to the main system unit most of the time it is located at the back of the computer.

The computer is one of the most used machine today. It can be found in almost all places in all country of the world today. The reason for this is it been design to carry-out all sort of task man would like it to do. Do task are but not limited to are typing,programming, playing games. mathematical computations, simulations, watching movie or video, listening to music, communicating with other people, and a whole lot more. Because of this versatility, it has spread all over the planet in just a few decade ever since its humble beginning.


As i explain earlier the computer is made up of several main keys parts, i say key parts because without them it will not function properly. They are the monitor, system unit, keyboard, pointing devices and printer. Still the other add on parts that has been dim necessary and very useful is the web-cam, microphone and speaker or headset. The function of the the main key part is always been the basic, to input and process the information and create an output of that information.

A computer can do multiple things at once of course this would this would depend on the hardware configuration that the computer has. If the computer will be used for ordinary task such as typing report, watching movies, personal stereo system and playing minor games such as solitaire, then a ready made computer from the shelf is right. But is if the computer will be used for gaming then a higher memory, a faster processor, a bigger hard drive and a separate graphics card will be needed. Please consult and do some planning if your going to buy a new set of computer.

Another function of the computer is to do specific task, one major example of this is a computer is used as an ATM Machine. To function like this a software is used to configure that computer to function as required and an added hardware is added to the exiting computer setup to complete the task. So the computer can be programmed to do also specific task.

Now here comes the internet, and everybody is suddenly connected to everybody. The function and usefulness of the web-cam, mic and speaker suddenly get a very big boost. It has become a must add-in accessories for the all type of computer, today if you want to talk to your friend or family who is in another far away place, face to face, then all the three items mentioned is a must for you. Such is  the winder of the internet the its changes the status of these three times from luxury to necessity or needs, whenever one decide to acquire a computer. Of course one also needs a stable and reliable internet connectivity.

Now using them all together as one simple machine doing a variety of task then one would have a pretty good idea of what we can expect from this machine called the computer.

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