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Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Hard Disk Drive Part 1

The computer today compare to the computer lets say five or more years ago is more powerful, faster, with bigger capacity and storage and also more energy efficient. Now lets focus on the bigger capacity in terms of data storage. This refer to a device  inside the system unit what we call the Hard Disk Drive or HDD. This device allows us to save all kinds of information that we put on our computer. All information meaning, your filed, pictures, movie, video and other stuff. The bigger the size of the hard disk the more information it can accommodate. There are a lot of type of hard disk out there from the old reliable to the new comer eager to prove its worth on costumer or people like us to try to take a look of what there device is offering. The hard disk is one of the most used part of a computer, the moment we open our computer, it and all other component inside the computer is activated from loading the operating and saving the information. The hard disk is also subjected to mechanical wear and tear, inside this seemingly non-moving item is a compose of moving part. They are the Head and Platter. I will try blog about this two part on my next blog, for the meantime lets focus on the size of the each hard disk for the desktop computer.

This is the device that where all our information, picture, video, document and other stuff, get stored. also this is this is where all the system that we used on our computer is also installed. The common thinking is that the bigger the size of the HDD the better, well that is most of the time that is true. If your computer can handle the bigger capacity drive then its okay to have one installed. The sizes range from 80, 120, 160, 250, 320, 500 Gigabytes and 1 Terabytes.

Now how many HDD can a single computer have?  Well it really depends on the technology that is present on your computer, For older computer the IDE or EIDE technology is present, then only four HDD can be put inside your computer, for newer technology like the SATA one can add up to 6 or more depending on the slot available in your motherboard. Lets go back to the size. Lets say our computer has a 320 gigabytes, which pretty decent for normal or average user.. But if your a professional user then a more bigger capacity HDD is in order. Professional user tend to do a lot of things on their computer than normal user do. Moore files, document, picture, MP3 files, bigger video, more powerful software, for gamers and editing. Programming software and more other stuff.

The amount available on the HDD depends on the data you want to used, so getting a new HDD may also require a small planning and also there is the budget consideration which true for all items that we used today not just for computers.

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  1. i don't know much about computer hard drive. Now got vague idea.


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