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Friday, October 22, 2010

Self Computer Maintenance Part 1: Using UPS on your Computer

Greetings, today i will begin a series of self computer maintenance blog. This series is for those who is does not have a technical background or the ordinary user who wants to maintain there computer by themselves. I hope i can impart to you some simple things on how to maintain your computer without the help of a technical guy. To begin with do you know a electrical device that maintain power to your computer on a short period of time in an event of a power failure? This electrical device can really help us in such a scenario to SAVE our documents or works in progress and to properly shutdown our computer. Properly turn off your computer is one of the major factor that will prolong its life and its usefulness. With the help of the UPS, untimely shutdown during power failure or power fluctuation can go a long way in maintaining the health status of your computer.

So what is a UPS and how does it work. Well for one UPS stand for uninterpretable power supply or uninterpretable power source. Plain simple is a battery pack for the desktop computer. Just like the laptop computer which has a battery. The laptop computer does not get its power directly from the outlet but the battery charges up when connected to a regular AC outlet then the battery supplies the needed power for the laptop to function properly. The same is true with the UPS for the desktop computer, when it connect to the outlet your turn on then it start to store electrical and when you hook it up with your computer it is the one the supplies the computer its needed power to function properly. One of the main benefit of using the UPS against ordinary AVR or power source it that when something goes wrong with the normal supply of power in your area, the UPS can provide with enough time to save your files, close up all open software and properly shutdown your computer. Before using your UPS you need to read the instructions manual first, so you could gain a bit of an understanding on how its work. Basically every UPS needs to be charge up for about 8 hours before it is connected to a computer. Unpacked it from the box and connect it to the outlet in your house. Then leave it alone for 8 hours this way , it is conditioning the battery of regular used and it will have enough charge to power you computer. If it has a ON switch, turn it on to make it working properly an charging properly. The manual is were your going to get that information. So its a requirement to read your manuals, not just for UPS but for every appliances before using them. After charging it for 8 hours then its the time to connect it

It can do this because its has a battery unit inside that has charge enough power to supply your computer to do all those things mentioned above. Therefore keeping your computer hardware free from harm of sudden electrical loss while in used. Electrical outages or electrical ups and down can really do a great deal of damage on your computer hardware on a continuous basis. This is also true for almost all appliances today. This rectangular black things called IC or integrated circuit inside your appliances can work with little amount of current. But give more that they required and presto you have a cooked IC and there goes your appliances. Typically a personal UPS will give you about 15 minutes 0f power if its regularly and properly charge. Some more costly UPS is about 30 minutes, that enough time to save all your open files and properly shutdown your computer.

Now back to the UPS. Another thing it can do is SAVE your FILE which currently your are working. Its has become a habit of waiting to finish a document before saving them. It a really bad bad habit.Let say you have a five page document and during the last page and while finishing it suddenly the power went off, your computer suddenly shutdown. The result the entire document you just type in is now gone. Wasted time and effort you have to redo them again. Of course this is a Auto save feature on your word processing software, but let say you forgot to set it a a right time interval. It wasn't able to save your file information as it should be. Well this were the UPS come in handy, its save you the trouble of doing it again and it also helps you in maintaining your computer health status. You don't need a tech guy to maintain or check on your computer on a regular basis. Having also this UPS connected to tour computer than a regular AVR is a lot safer and better for your computer. If you don't have one now better start thinking of the possibilities of getting one today because if you take care of your computer, then you will be the one to reap its benefits and less head ache to from loss files and malfunctioning computer. 

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  1. This article really helped a lot to me today. I really appreciate the way you
    explain how it goes.Keep it up!

  2. Sometimes there are many power problem arises in our computer during working in computer. A UPS generally protects a computer from Voltage surges and spikes, Voltage sag, Total power failure and Frequency differences.
    it support Birmingham.


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