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Friday, November 12, 2010

Computer 101: Self File Back-Up

On my post we blog about how important it is to save your file as often as possible, especially when you are working on it. Now i'll blog about how you can create a back-up for all your files and documents.You may ask, But i do not have the technical knowledge or know-how to do this stuff. Well this is understandable, because using something deeper on your computer is very scary and unsafe for a regular user. Also the first step is the hardest part of it. If you make that first step on this task then the rest of the next journey will become easier for you to do. Now to get you started, first of all having a back-up files is very very important, because if somethings happens to your original files, then you the resources to fall back. Also the back-up files must be regularly updated, so it pays to back-up as often as possible.

First things first we need to to some checklist on what your going to need to do your back-up files. A list of the things that you need to and have is displayed below.

  1. Organize you files and documents. Like MS word files located on one folder, spreadsheet files                    on the next folder, Picture or image on the next and other stuff on the same categories should be group together. Then place them under one main folder and put a name on it like MY FILES.
  2. After organizing your files you need to check the available medium you going to use to back-up you files like CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R or DVD-RW or even better a large size USB Flash drive which small enough to keep safe on under lock and key on you volt or safety cabinet.
  3. The method which you are going to do the back-up task. There are several method to this stuff. The most common way is to copy and paste the folder from your computer to your back-up drive or location. Another is used a third party software to back-up your files or just use the windows tools for backup. Its already there in your computer and its free, very simple to use, you can also practice using on a test files before you do it on your precious files and documents.
  4. And the last after creating your back-up make sure to verify that you have indeed created a sets of back-up off all your files.

Wow that a lot of technical stuff to do and to understands,. How on earth em i going to do all this stuff. Wait hold it. I'll try to guide you one-by-one on all this stuff. We will not tackle all of them at the same time. Remember my goal for this blog is to make the technical stuff easier for the ordinary folks out there to help them understand even if they do not have the technical background to start with. We just started on this and i will explain it all step by step and provide pictures to make it really simple and easy to on my next post.

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