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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Smart Phone Application: Video and Video Streaming

Video, a very nice technology developed for television and now it can be found on all new models of smart-phone. Oops let me write that again, it is now a standard feature on all smart-phone whether new or old models. From your cam-coder to those big television camera to this tiny bit of lens that can be found on smart-phone.What makes this technology possible on small device like a phone is the advances on memory size and capacity. Without this technology advances the video technology for the mobile phone will not be possible because if the memory size is small then simple taking pictures and storing them on the phone will not be possible. So this technology must also be developed for small devices for the camera to work properly on the mobile phone.

Now let cite an advance usage of this video on your mobile phone. Have seen the movie titled Bourne  the Movie and its trilogy. This movie is about a CIA hit-man and of-course the CIA itself. On the third installment of this movie trilogy. The main character is Jason Bourne a former CIA hit-man and agent. When you get to the scene where he met a reporter on the water loo station in France. The CIA is all over the place, name it and they there on this movie. How is this related to my blog, well as you can see the moment they detected that a reporter is on to them, they immediately put on the all knowing and all presence system to watch the reporter's every move. His phone is tapped, he is being observed live while walking on the street by CIA agent using there mobile phone with camera. And feeding that information to the main system onto the CIA HQ in the US. You say it's a just a movie.

Could this be possible to used your mobile camera to send live video feed to some else or to your friend? Well the answer is yes this is now possible, live video feed not just recorded video. Okay lets go back a little first there was the video at 2.5 mega pixels. It was the standard in phone camera technology. That bask then, now it up to 5 or more mega pixels so why bother with a separate digital camera when your mobile phone has a 5 and up mega pixels with a large memory storage in the rage of 16 to 32 GB of space. The picture one can take and store is pretty immense and another technology of the smart-phone is the connectivity. This means your phone can be connected to almost anything today from printers for instant hard copy picture to computer and laptop for instant saving and uploading to the internet and direct connection to the internet for instant uploading of your photos and videos on the your favorite social media site. Pretty cool features isn't it. This also another factor why the smart-phone have dominated almost all aspect of our daily activity.

Lets go back to the application video streaming. This feature has already found its uses today, like live reporting of sudden events where there is no big camera around. You can use this to send a report to a news network that you have agreement with to send live unfolding events from where you are. Life a traffic accident ans other news worthy events. Or just simple talk to your friend or love ones using video conference via your phone, provided both phone has camera and your network allows it, But besides that a lot of truly nice and good uses of the technology is being unfolded before our eyes. So don't be left out try your phone camera today and see what you can do with it.


  1. As the iPhone continues to gain momentum and increase in popularity so does the popularity and variety of iPhone applications.

  2. This is great news for overseas workers. Now they do not have to get into computer to see their family and friends.

  3. That's the beauty of using iphone. It can be your real time GPS and many more. Its features and applications are really practical for everyday use.


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