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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Smartphone Application: Multimedia Messaging System(MMS)

To continue on this blog series, last time i have blog about SMS or Short Messaging System. Heard of the MMS or Multimedia Messaging System. Well it not really new it been around a couple of years. Its an innovation to the earlier SMS. In SMS we can send only the message pure text only period. While in MMS they enable a feature that allow you to add an image on the text or message that you are sending, pretty cool right? Well for some it;s not but for others it a welcome change than just sending plain message. It gives the user another thing to do. In this feature, one can add his/her own created image via your phone or computer.

You can also add simple text to this image that is if you have the time to do it. But if not there are ready made available image for you to choose. During its initial days the image were only black and white, but as the phone technology changes so does the image changes. This is needed because if you have a colored capable phone which is true today and your want to send MMS then colored images are needed or required.  Back them many people does yet used this feature because they are not familiar with it. But as the new generation of smart-phone came.

A multimedia message on a Sony Ericsson mobile...Image via Wikipedia

This MMS application become more and more integrated on daily activity. Everybody is now using them. If you want to send a friend a birthday message, just simple using text to do it is not enough already you need to customize your message, decorate it with lot of images, and pictures before sending it and vice-versa. Since your phone is now more capable than the earlier model then your require more from this MMS feature.

Now lets go to the present day, what has become of the MMS, the next evolution of this feature is called Full colored picture, yup the kind that you take with the digital camera and the latest full streaming live feed video. This has become possible because of the evolution in phone technology. All phone now has a built in camera. This is one key feature that really boosted the sales of smart-phone, yo don't need an extra digital camera because your phone has already one built on it. From 2.5 megapixel to 5 megapixel. Hey this pictures look really good too.Most camera phone today is good enough for the average user.

Handset configuration can cause problems sendi...Image via Wikipedia

I say this because if your a professional user then, i assume you know what your requirements are. For average user this camera is very handy it allows instant picture on all times and this full colored picture can be send via the same phone. Using the MMS, from black and white to the full pledge colored picture. Also this technology has been around for sometime now, and almost everybody is using it. provided your network support its and you can pay for it.

It cost more to send MMS than to sane regular SMS. This is because more data is being send via the network and requires more room and time to process this data compare to the SMS or the text only version. So if you want to use thie feature be sure you have the necessary credits for it.

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  1. I love reading your blogs. So much information. I always see MMS advertised but didn't get the details of it untl now. Thanks for the help.


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