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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Smartphone Application: Sending Message thru SMS(Texting)

Good day, for this blog post we will talk about the usage of a Smart-phone application called the SMS or Short Messaging System or just plain Tex-ting. The used of this application has become more and more prevalent in this age of modern smart-phone. Instead of calling a person to used the call function of a phone we instead use the SMS application. We send the short message we want to send to a person or particular group of person listed on the phone memory book or just phone book. Now why do think most people find it more easy to use than using the call function or just calling the person if he or she wants to communicate with another person.

Well for one the cost of using this feature is very cheap compare to the call rate another is this SMS application can be done very easily and does not require much effort for most veteran user. Also one can TEXT almost anywhere and in any location. Even on location without network signal, the system automatically resend the message by saving it on the output and labeling it pending, then when the signal is available it can resend this message automatically. Well some phone model requires the user to resend the message if the signal has been detected by the phone. You don't need to type the the message al-over again you just press the send button and away it goes. While compare to calling the system needs to dial the number of the other person and then wait for that person to acknowledge the call to make sure you get the message across, sometimes you cant just call someone because of situations. He or she maybe in a important meeting with a client or office meeting that they simply cannot be disturbed.

While if you text the concerned person, if his phone is in the silent mode he or she can still peak and response to you without disturbing the meeting or the proceedings. This can be done discretely by the other person or by you defending on your situation. This cannot simple be done if you used the Call Function where you have to lift up the phone to call or response to a call. Even if you used a headset still the person needs to make certain movement in order to used or response to the in-coming call. Of course There situation that even texting is not applicable, for example if you are driving, you cannot just text away because driving needs a whole of attention, and simply doing another task while driving is very taxing and downright dangerous for you and everyone else on the street. Its a NONO to drink and drive just as the same is also thru for texting and driving at the same time. But if your stuck in a traffic jam for hours then maybe it safe to text and even to call.

Another factor is the strength of the network signal. Using the SMS on low and High signal places has very minimal differences on the message you want to send. While if you are going to call on a low signal location, the your voice might not be properly heard or understand by the other party you are talking to. Whereas if you text on allow signal the text message still can be send by the network and it still can be receive by the intended recipient of the message. Also there a feature on every smart-phone called SEND to Many or Group Messaging. How do we do this? Simple you first need to organized the groupings by using your contact on the phone, for example group name FAMILY, OFFICEFREIND, FRIEND and other name you want to identify that certain group. After this assign the members for each group. Include all the necessary members for that group. After creating the grouping you can now used the feature.

This feature is located on the SMS menu of your phone. Of course there is a cost associated with this SMS, if one standard message cost lets say $.001 then if your sending to five (5) person on that group them $0.001 multiple by 5 and you get the cost of sending 5 message simultaneously. The more the group members the bigger the cost detected to your account by the network provider of your phone. So make sure you always have a load especially for prepaid user whenever going on a trip or just passing a time to used the feature mentioned above.

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