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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Computer 101: Parts that Affects the Over-All Computer System Performance. Part-1

Processing speed, Booting speed and over-all performance of your computer. This is always what we wanted from our computer, from desktop to laptop. What ever the model or kind of computer that we have we need speed in it's performance. My processor has 2 or 3 GHz of computing power but still it seems slow to react to all my task. Well yup your processor is fast, but it just one of the many factor that affect the over-all speed performance of the computer. But they say that if you have a very fast processor then it good enough to make your computer fast also in processing. Partly true and wrong. That just sales talk, most sale person will talk about a lot of things even magnifying feature that should be standard in every computer. Especially if they know that the person buying does not possesses the technical knowledge to see thru what thy saying. Let's see there are at least four parts of the computer that needs to be attune with one another to really know if your system is fast enough for you. 

First there is the processor, which should be in quad core technology by now. The what? Quad core processor meaning your computer should have at least FOUR processor in it. But how do I determine if my processor has four processor in it, inst that technology suppose to be for super computer? Well yes it's true back then and more than four is needed for super computer. Do not bother with dual core processor, the standard for today's processor is four processor or Quad Processor. Now how do we determined that the computer that I am going to get has four processor. Please see screenshot below.

As you can see from the picture above the illustration of the Quad technology with four processor. Now how did you get there, can I as a regular guy know this. Yes everyone can do this display how many processor there computer has. Now wait a minute here, there is only one processor every time i look inside a new computer, the motherboard contains only one, how come there is four of them there? Yup your correct there is only one  package inside every computer. It's like this everybody knows that the normal is there is one  main building big or small right. But inside this main building there are several rooms, especially the really big one. The same is also true for all new quad core processor. There is only one package but inside this package there can be four processor inside instead of the regular one. Now designer and engineer's where able to implement that design it all started with the dual core processor. They say two is better than one, but four or more is much much better. Now that quad processor is becoming or is already a standard in computing then you need to know how to verify it. To display the screen-shot above just follow this simple step.

Windows 7 Control Panel
Click the start button and find and click on the control panel menu. Then the screen-shot above will appear. On the control panel please select the system and security sub-menu highlighted above. Then the screen-shot below will appear.

From the screen shot below please click on the Device Manager Link and the Device Manager that contain all the hardware information on your computer will appear just like on the screen shoot below.

On the device manager just click on the processor tree to display how many processor is there on your computer. It will show just how many there are. Just like on the first screen shot. More on my next post.



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