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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Computer 101: The Danger of Static Electricity to your computer.

Have you heard of the words Static Electricity? Okay, maybe yes or maybe no, not clear? static electricity is not dangerous to humans or people like us but it is dangerous to the internal component of your computer, especially does inside your system unit, the motherboard, hard drive, memory and all those electronic component that you see inside when you open your computer casing. Now where do we get this static electricity? You'll probably surprise that it's fairly simple to acquire or build -up your bodies static electricity. Our body has always static electricity in very small amount of charge. Building them up also is very simple, by just walking in or on object like carpet or electrical charge object we can build up our static charge. The discharge process is also simple just touch a metal object connected to the ground and the static electricity is gone from your body, well not of all of it.

Now it is not dangerous to people like us, but this static electricity is very dangerous to the component inside your computer or electronic devices. Do not try touching the inner working of your computer if you feel that you have not touch a metal object connected to the ground. A simple precaution not to damage the inner parts of your computer is Do Not Open the Computer Case Unless you have a very valid reason to do so. One simple discharge from your body to that component that you touch on the inside of your computer and that component is toast. Electronic component is very susceptible to  static electricity. They are made of microscopic circuit that small amount of static electricity can really destroy or damage that electronic component. But if you cannot avoid opening and touching the inner parts of your computer, try to keep in mind to first touch a metal object that is connected to the ground to discharge the static electricity stored in your body, at-least try to minimize the damage that you can do to your computers's inner working.

Since the entire component inside your computer is made up of micro circuit, meaning they cannot be seen by the naked eye. You need a special device to see this circuit inside those complex integrated circuit found on every computer motherboard. Oops did I mention integrated circuit.  IC is the short term for them they looked like a square or rectangular piece of black colours things that is attached to every motherboard. Also they have a lot of metal feet connected to their side. They are called pins and they are use to connect the micro circuit in every one of them to the main system and to each other. Each pin is also numbered according to their design. Take a look at every IC inside you computer they are small right. But on every IC contains thousand of component that forms that micro circuit. They are very-very small. How can a static electricity affect damage or destroy those micro circuit and component?

Let’s put it this way, the micro circuit is the big city or town and the component on those micro circuit is the building and houses. Therefore you got a picture of a highly dense city or town. Also the static electricity is represented as the biggest and strongest storm which is depending on the charge of the static electricity. If you put them together guess what will happen. The city or town will be in ruin, there will chaos and all sort of things. All basic services will cease to function. We have seen this scenario played out in our present day. And since the static electricity has damage the inner working of your computer, then it will no longer function properly or if the damage is worst then it the end game for your computer. A word of precaution, whatever you do, leave the inside parts of your to the professional.


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