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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Computer 101: Maintaining and keeping your laptop from unwanted Abuse.

Hello again, wow this is my second article for this month. Pardon me, I'm just happy to be back blogging. As i mention on my previous blog, last year i just acquire my very first laptop. I've been using it to monitor and manage this blogs site. Having  my own laptop is very handy indeed. Whenever I am able to use it, I'd take the chance. Also i  have to keep in mind that having a laptop also comes with responsibility of maintaining and keeping it safe from un-wanted abuse and mis-use as I go about me daily routine. Yup if i want to make my very first laptop in top condition for a long time then i have to always keep in minds several ways to make that happen. I have come up with some very basic rule on how to maintain and keep my laptop in top form. I have come to develop this simple rule based on years of experience of talking and observing other real life people who have their own laptop.

Okay here we go my number one (1) rule is When in use always make sure that the battery does not run out of charge. In the past some of my friends and a lot of other people would ask me to check there computer there desktop computer. While doing it then they would ask me to also do a check on there laptop and based on this most the time the problem i encountered is battery failure, especially if the laptop is more than a year old. Now how come this is always the problem with laptop. This is also the problem with mobile phone, I don't care how advance your mobile phone is, If it has a battery then chances are that battery will be one of the most abuse part of your mobile phone. Why well the main way to abuse a cellphone over charging. Keeping plug-in the whole day or night when two to three hours should be enough. In laptop if over charging is also possible but the main causes of battery abused is under charging. 

MSI laptop computerImage via Wikipedia

Since the laptop is supposed to be a mobile computer a lot of people really take it the hilt that they tend to forget that the battery of most laptop when not connected to an electrical outlet has a limited charge. They keep om using it and ignoring warning that it's about time to charge the battery. I know how busy we are, but that is not an excuse to just abused the battery of our very handy mobile computer. Always keep in mind to monitor the electrical charge percentage of you battery to make sure it does not run-out on you when you will need it the most let's say during office meeting with your boss and co-worker. Take time to watch the charge percentage and do a little calculation on your own.

I mean you know your own schedule make sure that before it start, charge the battery of your laptop or better still plug it to the nearest electrical outlet the whole duration your meeting. Always under-chr\arging the battery of your laptop will using will shorten the life-span of the battery. Another unseen cause of laptop not functioning properly is the heat generated by the battery is it not plug in while in use. Since the battery is functioning and giving out its stored electrical supply to the laptop then more heat heat is generated as it is being use compare to that when the laptop is plug on an electrical outlet while also in use. Notice also that some major application needs more power than others. This will really lessen the staying power of your battery when not plug-in.

laptopImage by Ivo Sandoval via Flickr

The heat generated by the battery when in used can affect those micro-circuit inside the laptop. This will cause them to wear faster by over-heating and in the long run this will cause the affected circuit not to function properly and in the long run will affect the performance of your laptop. It's better to take the necessary measures now or to see yourself always in the service center and paying the technician for service which in the first should have been avoided if did the right thing of taking care of the battery and using it properly.

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