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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Computer 101: Maintaining and keeping your laptop from unwanted Abuse Part 2

Good day to all I hope you’re having nice weekdays and weekends which is just around the corner. To continue, I have blog about the important of having your laptop battery fully charge whenever and wherever possible if you’re preparing for an important event that will require you to use the mobile computer. Also this will greatly help your laptop battery to have more life on it. As also previously mentioned this is my number ONE (1) rule. Now let’s go to my number TWO (2) rules which are to always make sure that your laptop is properly protected from the element and un-warranted physical hits via falling from the floor or being accidentally hit by any object. Unless your laptop is design to take such punishment. But to those of us who can only afford the regular to mid-range laptop. We should always bear in mind that our laptop are not design to take physical punishment like being dropped on the floor even if inside your case or bag. Maybe once or twice in accidental manner is enough but to do it on a regular basis then might as well get a hammer and pound your laptop. Dropping is not the only physical punishment your laptop will encounter, there is the hitting of different type of objects that the user can came across with. Another is just simple putting your laptop on the table but in a very rude or angry way. Another punishment that your laptop can encounter is liquid abuse, via the drinking water, coffee, soda and all other human consumable liquid form. One of the most dangerous habit that we have develop over the years of using our laptop is the of habit and eating and drinking with it during at work and while at school or at home.

How do we abuse our laptop physically? Well as I mentioned above aside from being dropped accidentally on the floor, there is also the spilling of liquid into the laptop. Liquid and electricity do not mix together. Spilling liquid into your laptop will certainly short-out the electronic inside. Remember your laptop contains electronic devices that are very sensitive to so. The connections of each circuit inside your laptop are very sensitive. Once enough force is applied to disrupt that connection, the flow of data and electricity will also greatly be affected thereby resulting to a malfunction system. There are only a few screws that held your laptop together. Unlike in the desktop category wherein almost all components can be tightly fixed unto a position by a screw or a locking pin. There is only a minimal of this to maintain the portability of the laptop. Ever notice why only the screw is fixed outside the laptop casing. All system are built-in the motherboard of the laptop. Applying enough force on the laptop will certainly disrupt that physical connection inside.

Also spilling a little amount of liquid will short-out electronic inside your laptop. Also another result of all this physical punishment is that the outside makeup or appearance of your laptop will not be appealing most especially to the user. A friend of mine asked to check on his laptop because some kid was able to hit his laptop with the bare hands for several times. Before she could stop the hitting it was already to late. The laptop would not operate normally only DOS both sequence would be initiated and after that nothing follow. The kid that did the hitting was a toddler. The intention was to play or press that keyboard. Another aspect of keeping your laptop from being physically abuse is the cost that comes with the repair. Laptops are not cheap to buy and so is the repair. Doing a major repair on a laptop will always cost more, sometimes those the technician will advice you that it is better to buy a new one that to repair the current laptop. Some of the reason for this is the replacement parts is more than half of the original cost of a brand new laptop.

Also it will take weeks and even a month to get your laptop back from the Service Center.  Also there is a lot of lousy costumer support on some service center. They will charge you without explaining what those charges are or they may have explained it but there is hidden charge not included in you billing. Another very important thing if your laptop goes south is all that data inside the hard drive of your laptop will also cost if what them retrieve properly and transferred to a new laptop. More headaches is the usual side effect of not taking care of your laptop properly and keeping them away from UN-warranted physical abuse ad mi-used. So next time you’re using your laptop at work, home, and school or in public places be sure to always on the alert for possible physical abuse it may encounter.


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