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Monday, March 28, 2011

Mac Data Recovery

This article has been contributed by David Ritchie. David is a software developer and technical writer with over 10 years of professional experience. He is currently interested in Mac data recovery software.

As a Mac computer user, you pride yourself over the benefits of this platform than that of the PC.  However, whether you are a Mac computer novice or veteran, you will find that losing data on the Mac is no fun.  Worse, the Apple provides very little support for data recovery once files are deleted and overwritten from the trash bin.   Your ally in this regard are third-party software tools specific for Mac Data Recovery.

If you have not yet had the misfortune of data loss from your Mac, you are wise to be reading this article.  In addition to sudden power outage events, data loss can occur while performing files transfers to or from the Internet.   A poorly formatted file, a server failure, or your ISP provider's connection can be the reasons for data loss during Internet file transfers. 

Signs of impending data loss can associate with an oncoming hard disk failure.  If you notice your Mac slowing down you can certainly check the health of your hard disk using the installation CD or DVD to run the Disk Utility program. 

When data loss is known, third-party tools such as MacKeeper and other Mac Data Recovery tools can help you find particular files for recovery.   Finding the data recovery tool that works for you requires two things; your understanding of the operating system you have with your Mac and the file types familiar to you that will need recovery.  A bit of web research or research at an electronics store will help you determine which program would work to your greatest advantage.  Read a few product and user reviews to ground yourself in others' perspectives of one tool over another. 

Generally, Mac data recovery tools operate by doing a deep scan of your hard drive for lost file fragments with header information that is pulled together in a list for you to determine which files you wish to recover.  Common graphics, text, audio, video, and photo file formats are searched. Some Mac data recovery tools will also allow you to preview the recoverable file.  The recovery operation is then called by you for the files you wish to recover. 

Proactive steps to investigate and purchase Mac data recovery software before you need it puts you in the best position to deal with the situation when needed.   Also, you are wise to record any error messages displayed while using your Mac and do a bit of research on what each message means to ward off potential hard disk issues and data loss.   

Mac Data recovery tools often include hard disk troubleshooting and recovery utilities. That can be especially helpful if you do not have the original installation CD/DVD for your Mac and your hard drive is inaccessible.   Emergency boot-up software will allow you to start  your Mac from the external media to your hard drive and then determine if you can recover your hard disk.   

This article has been contributed by David Ritchie. David is a software developer and technical writer with over 10 years of professional experience. He is currently interested in Mac data recovery software.

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