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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Computer 101: Unable to Change the Desktop Picture in Windows 7 Starter

Hello again world, after more than a month of not updating this blog, I have finally found the inspiration to update it. This will be my seventh blog article for 2011 and the first for the month of March. I have no article for the month of February. Hopefully I could follow this one with many more to come. Do you like personalizing your gadget? Like your computer, phones and other devices that allow user level customization without going very technical about it? Today being personal about how your devices appear is very nice. On the internet email provider such as Google allows user to change their Gmail background picture for a more personal appeal. The same is true with their Browser the Google Chrome; you can now change the picture or put a picture that you like on your Chrome browser whenever you create a new tab or windows. This is also true for personal computer such as your desktop and laptop. For me personally one form of customization is changing the picture of the desktop on my computer, laptop or phone. Just like the background picture of my Google Chrome browser below.

Just last year to be exact November 2010, I bought my very first laptop and I also bought a new operating system with it the Microsoft Windows 7 Starter version. The reason I bought this version is because it’s the cheapest version of the current new Windows 7 series from Microsoft. This is version lack the basic featured that comes with all previous windows software that has been release. 

For one thing i cannot change the background picture of this version to make my laptop more personal. I’ve search for article regarding this feature on the internet and finds that to change the background picture of the desktop i need to do a lot of tinkering with the registry and some files that is related to the background picture. There is no article that says the background picture can be change via the normal way of just selecting the desired picture and pressing the OK button. I mean the usual way of changing the background picture of my desktop at any point in time that I like to do.

If your just a regular guy who uses the computer and do not care much about the technical stuff the goes on inside. I recommend not touching your registry just to change a background picture. You see the registry is the most sensitive part of any computer meaning you need to know what you are doing very precisely in order not to harm your computer. If you search the internet on how to change the background picture of the desktop in Windows 7 starter. You’ll notice that they all point to editing a little part of the registry and renaming some files associated with background picture or they say use a third party software to have a personalized desktop. 

Kate the Desktop ComputerImage by Gino Carteciano via Flickr

The problem with this is all program uses memory amount and space to work if you have tons of installed programs in your computer then another one will be added in the sharing of the precious memory resources. If your computer has a big amount of memory let say like 4 GIG and up then there is no problem but if your computer has a common 2 Gig amount then adding another program just for changing the desktop picture of your computer is simple not worth it.

I personally would like to make my gadget look very mine and changing the background of my laptop is one way of expressing myself through my very first laptop. In order to change my background picture on the desktop I need to upgrade my Windows 7 Starter to any higher version and my problem will be solved. 

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