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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Computer 101: Different Function of a Personal Computer.

The most common type of computer nowadays is the PC or Personal Computer. This type of computer can found in almost all places that we do our daily activity like in school, at work, home, and some other commercial area. This computer can do a lot of things for us like typing a report, surfing the internet, playing games or watching movies to name a few. But the real benefits of having the computer wherever you are is doing all those mention above simultaneously. In computer term we call this as MULTITASKING. It simply means doing different function or work at the same time. We can do our report while at the same time we listen to music we download items from the internet. More time can be saving by doing work at same time.

Another aspect of a personal computer is that it can also be programmed to do just one specific task over and over again. An example of this an ATM machine where we get to withdraw our money even if the bank is close or during weekends and holiday. Also we would no longer go directly to the bank teller and give our passbook to withdraw our money. We just need to input a few items, like the PIN number for security purposes, the type of account that we have and the amount that we need to withdraw from our account. Most people think there are some super computers inside those front panels that we used to access our money. But the truth is it is only a PC the same computer that we used in our home. If it where a super computer then it would be truly pensive for bank companies to have almost everywhere even in places where there is no bank branches. Like Malls where a lot of people go everyday. The function of these PC or computer is just to allow people to have access to there account instantly without going to the bank itself.

Another customizes work for the Personal computer is the Cash register of a supermarket. These computers have software in them that allow various prices stored in another computer to be displayed into the cashier computer whenever a product is read via the bar code. It also computes for the individual amount of the same item and computes for the total amount purchase by the costumer and when costumer pays the total amount the cashier enter the amount tendered and the software in the computer computes for the change and will also print a result of the transaction. This process is repeated over and over again for each costumer all day long. This PC functions as a cash register year long.

Nowadays we have the gaming platform like XBOX, PS3 or Nintendo to name a few. But back on the all day’s personal computer were use as gaming PC. Again the specialize software is programmed into the computer and computer is house in an arcade type housing with its own key pad not unlike the keyboard of the personal computer. The people just simple drop a token and select the game and input a few more information and press the start button to begin the game they have chosen to play.

The Personal Computer has really come along way from a multitasking computer to specialize computer that has been programmed to do specific task over and over again. It has spawned all sort of computer types, from the super computer, to mobile computers like the laptop and its cousin to small computer that has evolve to become more sophisticated because of the tons of function it can do.

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