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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Computer 101: Simple Trouble-shooting Method for Most Common Computer Error

For this article I will list down some very simple easy to follow trouble-shooting method for most computer. We do not need to have the professional technical background and knowledge to perform or do most of this stuff.

Anyway here goes the list:

1.     NO POWER

One of the most common problems that a person who uses a computer is that the computer has no power meaning no sign of power is flowing. There is no light, no sound or beep, the power supply fan is not moving, heck even the light indicator of the monitor is not blinking.


Check the following item, first the power supply must turn on and connected to the wall socket or check the UPS if you’re using one make sure to press the power button of the UPS.

If both items mentioned above has no problem then check the power cord that is connected to your computer make sure it is properly plug in at the back of the system unit and properly plug in at the power supply unit or UPS it is connected to.  

Another thing if you’re not sure if the inside wiring of the power cord is not broken then try changing it just to make sure that it is not broken from the inside.

And last but not the least make to really push all those power cord in there respective socket just to make sure they are properly plug in. Most of the time these solution will work to solve the problem stated above.

If this not solves the problem of NO Power a qualified technician is needed to check your computer.


Another common problem of computer is the NO DISPLAY error. To correct this problem by yourself, try this simple solution. Go to the back of the computer or make the back of the computer accessible to you. Then check if the data cable of the monitor or LCD is properly connected to the output port of the video adapter.

If is it connected, try removing it from its connection and reinserting it again carefully. The reason for this is the contact inside the connector and output port seems to generally worn out or become grounded, so in order to refresh the connection, detached both of then and do a little cleaning of both ends and reconnect them both carefully while observing if a display will appear in the LCD or monitor. If the display has appeared then gently screw the side screw of the connector to lock it in.

Another way is to replace your old monitor with a new one just to make that it is still functioning properly. IF this solves the problem then your monitor simple needs replacement. But if the problem persists then you will needs assistance from a qualified technician to fix the problem.

3.     Used the computer Properly (User Error)

You’re computer is a machine that needs to used properly and efficiently to become more productive and useful in the long run. If is not made for heavy gaming then do not play games that require large amount of resources.

Make sure to shut it down properly, do not just unplug the cord or press the power off button of your power supply unit if you’re in hurry to shutdown your computer. Not shutting it down properly will create a lot of serious problem in the long run. Eventually this habit of not shutting down your computer properly will comeback to hunt you, in several form or very serious problem that will needs time and money to fix.

Remember preventive measure is better than fixing the problem of the computer. Do not treat your computer as it where just a tool that is used everyday but treat your computer as a friend and you will benefit from it in the long run.

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