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Friday, June 24, 2011

Just another Smartphone Application

With the current trends in Smartphone development in its hardware and software component, a far more complex application can also be put inside one of those Smartphone models. The application is for medical use, it works by monitoring the overall health status of a person not just a single item like weight or calorie intake. This application has a hardware part in two different places. The first hardware is located in the phone itself and the second hardware component is located or embedded somewhere in the body of the person being monitored. Sound like Star trek tech but not really, embedded system has been around for some time and has become smaller in physical size enabling it to be place almost anywhere and every item that needs to have a customize programming or set of specific function for that machine.

The embedded hardware component is the main monitoring and alert system for the specific person. It must be capable of reading the current and sudden change in the body physical condition. It must be able to monitor the following Heart beat, blood pressure, pulse, oxygen intake, blood cell count, calories intake, weight, and a whole lot of other stuff that concern a regular person health status. Also these embedded systems must also be able to store information regarding the history of the health of the person to be able to accurately measure what is the ideal health status. It must contain a complete system for data for each individual vital sign of a person.

Another function of this system is the alert function, which means any sudden or gradual changes in the physical health condition must sent to the intended receiver of the data. This can be by communicating with the other half of the application contains in the Smartphone that the person uses. This embedded system must be able to also produce a low emission short wave radio signal that it will communicate with the application inside the Smartphone. Also the application in the Smartphone can access the data collected by the embedded system and display it as human readable form. The alert signal will be sent from the embedded system via the Smartphone then the Smartphone will send the alert signal via text or call or any other form of communication to the intended receiver of the alert signal which is usually a doctor.

Also the application in the Smartphone can also collect and store the information being sent by the monitoring system embedded in the person body and display all them in real time mode. Another thing is that this data can be used by the doctor in determining the treatment needed to cure or correct the situation of a person health. This application must also be affordable so that many people will be able to use them to personally monitor their health status on a daily basis.

The Smartphone application i am blogging right now my exist or not does not exist yet, but if ever it become real in the near future then a lot of people will truly benefit from this and will make the Smartphone become not just a fashion item for some but a necessity for the many people. Also this application will really make a Smartphone a lot smarter and valuable.

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