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Friday, June 24, 2011

SmartPhone or Computer that Do More than Just Make A Call.

How time passes by and so is the development of the technology involved in creating and developing the personal computer and other devices that is associated with it. One example of this is the mobile from it early bulky appearance and call function only, to personalization and fashion style and adding SMS and MMS then again to colour display, MP3 and movie player with powerful camera and an ever expanding Memory card. Now we have packed every imaginable application to the mobile phone and making it a smart mobile phone.

How smart is the smart phone today. First all latest smart phone from Apple I phone 4, Motorola Atrix and HTC to name a few have a single or dual processor in them to run every bit of the phone and all applications installed in it. The latest smart phone is powered by a dual processor, a 5 Mega Pixel and up main camera, the ever expanding memory of 16 Gigabytes or 32 Gigabytes and the latest Android OS version. Plus a host of all types of standard application from WIFI connectivity, GPS tracking system HD display where watching video has become more fun than ever before.

What is the important of having a dual core processor in smart phone; well it can run your favourite games pretty nice and start all those application on a faster mode. The phone can do things simultaneously or it can do multi tasking of all your favourite android base application at one time. More processor also the Smartphone can handle more complex application compare to the regular application let say a weight monitoring and tracking software. A more complex health application would be an application capable of monitoring one’s entire body status from blood pressure and the like to alerting the right Doctor to inform them of their patience condition in real time environment.

Bigger memory means lots and lots of music, picture and video can put into the phone without having to worry of getting it full. Also an application runs and reacts much faster. We can enjoy hours of homemade video via the latest smart phone because it provide a bigger storage area. Plus more new application is being created for the entire latest Smartphone model regardless of manufacturer. Adding to the basic and advance feature of each phone and creating a smarter phone compared to its predecessor.  With all the new and present application plus the always evolving hardware counterpart it has become harder to choose from a simple view of an ordinary user which would not have any clue on how to use all the available application present in the current generation of Smartphone.

All the picture taken and video recorded is also very clear because of the 5 mega pixel camera and watching the playback is also very clear and enjoyable because of the High Definition display for each latest smart phone.

With the current trends in the mobile phone industry, old and new player will continue to churn out more and smarter phone feature and adding or expanding current technology and also developing new technology for this smart phone making them smarter than today latest generation of smart phone. Indeed the computer technology has evolve so much that it created a revolution called the Smartphone which have influenced us very much on how we communicate and do our task every day.

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