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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Computer 101: How to Create personalize image file using PowerPoint software

Ever wondering how do I create a customized and personalize image file, do I need to have a specialize software to do the trick of mixing and editing different picture or image into the one that I need? Well the answer is NO; we can use the Microsoft office power point presentation software to do that. Best of all we can already save the file into the recognizable picture format like GIF, JPG, PNG and more. We do not need to use specialize software that require advance picture editing skills to create our very own. We just need to know how to copy, cut, paste, move around an object, resizing and following instructions which are pretty basic computer typing and editing skills. But before we begin first we must prepare all the materials that we are going to need, in this case all the image file that we are going to used in creating a personalize image file. Now after we have prepared all the things that we need it is time to begin. Please watch this simple video.

These video has no voice instructions yet, this is just a tutorial to give you an idea on how to proceed with the process.To summarize the video above, create your customize picture or image by inserting via the clip art or from your own personal file, then do some editing on them using the picture toolbar, which will appear once and image has been inserted. Once you are satisfied with the design you have created then save the image by clicking on the file menu and choose save then the dialog box will appear, type the name that you want for the image and then select what type of file format you want to be save. As seen on the video different file format is

available just choose which will satisfy your requirement and then press the save button. To check whether the desired image has been created go to folder where the file is saved and open it normally by double clicking it, the Windows Photo Editor should be able to view without problem another way of checking it is via clicking on the image property to verify it's format and basic information.

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