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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Computer 101: Protect your Computer without Logging Off

Ever tired of always logging off your computer whenever you leave it for what ever reason? Well the reason for this question is that, whenever the user leaves the computer he or she needs to log off and closes all open files and application to save all those files, because if the user did not close all the open files and application and he tried to log off chances are windows will close all of them without saving all the open files and this may result in lost of data and damage to software application.

Also another reason we need to close all our open files whenever we log off is for protection or security. If we leave them open without logging off then someone might try read, copy or delete all your important files create problems for you by deleting some files of your computer that is related to the operating system that runs your computer, thereby causing great damage to your computer and also to you as the owner of that computer.

There are some ways in which you can keep your files open and not logging out even if you leave the computer open, no one will able to access your computer. The first way is to use the windows native screen saver to protect your computer. How do your go about it. Well by now everybody knows that the native Windows screen saver has a password protection capability. But wait before we go on I need to remind everyone that this step may only be applicable to the old windows like NT, 200 and XP. To set up just follow this simple step.

1.      Using the mouse Right Click in any blank spot on your desktop.

2.      Then a pull down menu will appear. From the Menu select Properties 

3.      Then the display properties will appear.
4.      From the Display properties select the Screen Saver Tab.

5.      Then Select which type of Screen Saver to use.
6.      Set the time to 1 minute and check the box for the password.

7.      Then click apply and the OK button.

Before you leave the computer make sure that the screen saver is active. The Password for the screen saver is the same as the password that you used when you log in the computer assuming you have a Windows NT, 2000 or XP. When you try to use computer again the screen saver will ask for a password, enter the password that you used in logging in to your computer. This will save a lot of time compare to closing them and opening all of them again because you log off. Another way of protection your files and computer without logging off on my next blog.

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