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Friday, July 1, 2011

Computer 101: Three Features to Consider when Choosing a Smartphone.

When I got my first Smartphone in 2007, a N70 Music Edition I was a very happy fellow. I quickly explored it and tinkered with all the features it cold offered from downloading free app to taking picture and video with it camera and playing games with it, listening to music via the built in radio and stored music on it, I was having fun with it. Since then the smart phone has evolve so much that today model is far more fun than it was back then. I say fun because one can do a lot with today’s Smartphone than way back then although it is only four years have gone by.

Today I reach the point of thinking of getting a new Smartphone to replace my old phone, although my old phone is still working fine, I’m thinking of getting a new model so that I have the more than with it compare than the first time. More application to tinkered with, bigger and more pictures, video to shoot and a whole of other stuff to do and play. Now I have selected three general feature of a Smartphone that I would look for in buying a new model to replace my old one.

The first general feature that my new smart phone would have is a big memory. This should not be a problem for most new phone today because most of them come with a standard 8, 16 or 32 gigabytes of internal memory. Why is this choice, well it simply means the bigger the memory the more application I can put in it. More pictures and video to snap off without worrying it going to be full. Also more music to put in and listen to, from the 80’s, 90, and the present of course, we’ll probably more from the time when I was a teen or in my twenties. I love to listen to that music over and over again because they bring me back to a special time of my life. That music always evokes nostalgic moment. Simply put it, I need my new Smart Phone to have to have a bigger memory than the current standard size of capacity.

The next feature I would like my new smart phone is to have a five mega pixel and up lens camera. Why is this important, well I like to take pictures of my family, friends, event and places that I do not have the time to see again. To have that special moment clearly photograph and store for me to view them again and again. Also more important is the moving images that i always take on special occasion with my family.  Special occasion with my family is very important to me. I like to go back to that moment again and again thru those video.

The third and certainly not the least that my new smart phone should have is it should great whenever I play music with it, you see I love listening to music, music from my early teen days. Those old music has been a part of my life ever since and it would be very much fun for me to listen them over and over again is a very nice sounding way. The output sound of a device is one contributing factor on how music would be likened by a person who would listen to them. The better the sounding the smart phone when I play my favorite music on it the better. To some this may be trivial things but hey this is how I like my new smart phone to have.

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