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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Computer 101: File format converter for Microsoft Office 2003.

By these days most of use is using MS Office 2007 version in our workplace but in our home we might still be using the old reliable MS Office 2003 version. Now if we create a document in MS Office 2003 in our home and later when we got into our workplace we open the document in MS Office 2007 there should be now problem at all. But if save it using the MS Office 2007 template or formatting styles then when we got home we try to open it again using the old MS Office 2003, we would assume that it will be open again in no time. But when we double click the document to open it in the MS Office 2003 version it would not open anymore. The reason for this is that the document styles and formatting information between these two Office suites is completely different. Since the MS Office 2007 version has more feature that the older Ms Office 2003.

How do we solve this kind of problem? How can one open a document created in MS Office 2007 when using a MS Office 2003 version? Well there two solution for this problem. The first is get a new MS Office 2007 version and upgrade the old MS Office 2003, which would cost more. Or use the second solution of installing a File format converter on your old MS Office 2003, to help it easily open document created in the MS Office 2007. I think every body would choose the second option since it not cost any penny to do and it is very to install it on your computer. But first we must download the Fileformatconveretre.exe from the internet so that we can have it installed in our computer. The file format converter add-on is very easy to locate in the internet and is very easy to download. The file size of the utility is just 37 MB. To download a copy of the converter just go to the Microsoft website or in the internet type the name of the utility in your search engine and it will display link on how to find and download the utility.

Once we have downloaded it, we can now begin to install it on our computer. Just double click the icon to begin the installation process. Read and follow the instruction for the installation. After successfully installing the utility, we can now test whether the file format converter works. Look for a document created in the MS Office 2007. What to look for a document created and save in MS Office 2007 version? Well first the icon for the Ms Office 2007 version is different from the old version. Also the document extension is slightly different from the old, whereas the old document extension for MS Word 2003 is filename.doc while the new extension for the MS Office 2007 is filename.docx yup there is an X added at the last part of the file-name extension. So look for that file type and double click to launch it in Ms Office 2003. We can verify that the file format converter utility is working if a dialog box will appear saying file format converting and then the document has been able to open successfully in the MS Office 2003 version.

I mean we can read the file content correctly instead of different characters being displayed on the content of the document to which we cannot seems to understand. By installing the utility on the old Ms Office 2003, we gave it the capability to open document created in the MS Office 207 version.

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