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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Computer 101: Hiding the Mouse Properties in the Control Panel

Before we begin the solution to this require in-depth knowledge of the registry or the policy editor of Windows Based system. The purpose of this method is to give network administrator and /or computer technician who are handling computers in not so controlled environment like internet cafes, public network and others who might need it. Sometimes it is better if some feature of the Windows OS is not reachable by person who have no idea what they are doing, they think changing a few color here and there is a showcase of how good they are at manipulating this windows feature. Let say you are working on an internet cafe where the computer is not very secure, the person using it can sometime do things which they think is good for them, but keep forgetting that it may be bad for the next person who is going to use them.

An example of this is our topic for today the mouse, yes that faithful old pointing device we called the mouse, which is very helpful in every way possible. It would be very difficult for anyone to use the present system of computer programs without the help of the mouse. This is where the problem begins since it is very easy to manipulate the mouse properties, just go the control panel and look for the mouse properties and double click to get an in-depth look at the basic and advanced of a mouse. We can change its color and appearance; the mouse can have tail while we drag across the screen and a whole lot more. Now if every person renting a computer on the internet cafe would do this change the mouse according to his liking, and then we would have a problem here. While this seems okay for some but it irritate most us, to most of us changing the appearance of the mouse to a running horse is a distractions from the things that we do while were on the computer. If you own the computer and you are the only who uses you computer then by any means go ahead and do what you like with it. But not in an environment where it is for public use with pay of course.

To solve the problem we just need to hide the mouse in the control panel so that no one will able to change the appearance and behavior of the mouse from its regular setting. Please watch the video below on how to proceed with the hiding of the mouse properties in the control panel of windows based system.

To summarize the video above, from the start menu click the RUN command and type gpedit.msc then press enter. The group policy editor will appear then click the user configuration then the Administrative Template then the Control Panel then select and double click the Hide Specified Control Panel Applets then got to the setting tab and select the enabled option and then click show then a dialog box will appear. From here click the ADD button and an input box will appear then type the name of the control panel applets that you want to hide, in this case type mouse then click the all the okay button and apply button until you are back at the group policy window. Close the group policy windows and refresh your screen several times. Now to check if the mouse properties has disappeared from the control panel, open the control panel and look for it, if we cannot see it then we will not be able to change it. The mouse properties should be hiding or nowhere to be seen on the control panel.



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