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Monday, August 1, 2011

Computer 101: How to share a single printer on a network without using a Print Server.

In today’s modern times, all offices is now using printer for creating a hard copy of a document. Every office can have multiple computers for every employee that needs them. But when it comes to printer, it seems strange that not every employee can have them. What wrong which this scenario? Well there nothing wrong with this scenario. Yes almost every employee in an office or institutions can have his/her own computer but no his/her own printer, the reason for this is because in every printer there is these item that needs to be replenish or change once it’s empty or if we do not change it then the printer becomes useless. This item is called the INK. Computer or PC do not have ink in order to work, it does not have a consumable part that needs to be replace every week or month to keep it working. But printer do, this item is the INK, and keeping a close watch on how every employee use these resources is very important.  

Compute these is a small office has ten employees and every employee has its own computer and printer and printer ink cost has not really gone done despite having a huge demand for it. Every ten printer needs is own ink supply, the cost factors would certainly be off the roofed just for ink alone. So having one or two printer is much cost effective by having both printer shared on a network without using a print server. Please watch the video to get a better understanding of how to proceed with this procedure on sharing a printer or two on a small network.

Again these video has no voice over instructions, just watch and simply follow the procedure as seen for a simple sharing solution.

To summarize the video instructions, on the computer where the printer is installed open the printer and fax folder. Select the printer to be share if there are many printers installed, and then right on the printers to be shared and look for the sharing tab and click it. Then when inside the sharing tab choose the share this printer option then you can leave the default name or change it, this item is completely in your control. The last step would be to click the OK button to close the sharing tab.  Notice on the printer and fax folder under the printer that you have chosen to share a hand with an open palm has appeared, these only means that you have successfully shared the printer.

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