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Monday, August 1, 2011

Computer 101: Why Do We Need to Share Networks Resources?

First of all what is a computer network resource? Computer network resource are those item that is being used by the whole network this may include shared printer as stated in previous blog, shared disk drive or a file server with several large amount of drive, shared scanner and any other devices that can be shared over a network. Again back to the question, why do we need to share network resources? Well the answer to this question is explained below.

  1. Save on Cost or Money

All business needs financing or money to run, in fact almost all things that we do today needs money. This is true with business, if top management can save as much money as it cans then it will do it. One way saving cost in operating a business is to reduce the cost of consumable being consumed by the business an example of this is the cost of buying an ink for a printer. I already elaborated on this on my previous blog. Another cost that can be controlled or can save a sum of money the paper being used in printing document for the daily transaction and report of the business. Because we buy lots of bundle of paper for regular used to create hard copy of reports and transaction. Why not instead of a hardcopy for filing, archiving, meting and others use instead a digital copy wherein the said report can be view on the screen of each computer or laptop or devices that can display them. This will also reduce the trash the business is producing, less paper and trash less cost and more money to be saved or diverted to other important projects. Also less paper, less paper clip, staple wire and other paper accessories. For storing and archiving of reports the file server will act as the central storage of all documents with a back up copy of course for safety.

  1. Save on Time, Less Time Do More.

How do we save time, we save on time by being more productive in a given amount of time. Like if the goal was to have 50 transactions completed in five hours, then maybe we do 60 or 70 in the given time. This can be done with the used of shared network resources, like digital copy of document instead of having a hard copy one employee can request another for a digital copy of the same report without living his/her place and moving about just to get a copy of that report. By not leaving your place one do more while waiting or the time it takes for the document to arrive from an actual delivery of a person compare to a document being sent to the server and then to intended receiver of the document or just plain interoffice email is very big. In computer world a 5 minute waiting time is already to slow compare to just a few milliseconds to wait for the digital copy to arrive in your computer from the other computer where it originates. Also sharing an actual document in real time is slower compare to sharing it via the network. It doesn’t need to be distributed by hand wherein the person responsible to distribute it will have to go floor by floor just make sure the document is delivered to the correct person.

Money and time are two most important resources in a business the third is manpower or person of that organization or company. It more resources is being spent and the company is producing less chances are that company will not last longer in a highly demanding world of business. The more it can save the better for that company to keep on growing and free of debt.

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