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Saturday, September 24, 2011

15 ways to select text in a Word document

One of the most heavily document processor in every corner of the world is the Microsoft Word. It can be found in all aspect of activity like in work, school and at home. We use it to compose or created every type of document possible. But learning to use at first can be quite daunting but once we get the hang of it then its all breeze from one option to another. There are a lot of skills that we need to know and master; one of the first skills that we need to know and master in using the Word is how to select text. The most common method that we use in selecting text in Word is using the mouse to click and hold and then drag the pointer across the text that we need to select. Another common method of selecting text is we hold the shift button and then press the right arrow or left arrow from the keyboard to select a text or group of text. Also if we want to select all the text entirely we just need to double click on the word and it will highlight the word that we choose to double click on. So far these three ways are the most common way of selecting text in Word. But there are more ways of selecting text in word, in fact there are fifteen more ways and as implied by the author there more than 15 but the 15 ways on how to select text in Word are the easy method.

I want to share a very helpful and educational article which was emailed to me via subscriptions from ZDNET Asia. Since my purpose for bogging is help as stated in my blog I am sharing the link to read the complete content of the article. The title of the article is 15 ways to select text in a Word document by Susan Harkins. To have a preview of the content of the article the first paragraph is posted below:



Article Source: ZDNETAsia.com


Microsoft Word


15 ways to select text in a Word document


Besides entering text, selecting text is probably the most common task for most Word users. Almost every task begins by selecting something. Perhaps that's why there are so many ways to select text. The following list includes the methods I use. There are more - I left off a few because I've listed easier methods. If you have a favorite that I haven't listed, please share it with us.

To read the complete content of the article just click on the link provided since I am only allowed to post the first paragraph of the article by ZDNETAsia.com. I hope you find the article very interesting and educational.

Also many thanks to Ms. Eileen Yu the Senior Editor of ZDNETAsia.com for the guidance in sharing these wonderful articles by Ms. Susan Harkins

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