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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Computer 101: Automated USB Virus Scanner

Virus sources comes in many form, one major sources of virus that infect your computer, laptop or tablet is through the use of  Universal Serial Bus based drive or commonly called flash drive, flash disk among other terms used to describe a small rectangular stick of a memory house in plastic or metal that be used to plug in to almost any computer related devices. There are two reasons why the flash drive has become very useful in today activity. One it is very small and since it is small it is very easy to carry, it can be placed on almost any type of pocket in your jeans and bag or you could choose to it as a necklace around your neck as you move around. Another reason is that it can contain a lot of files like documents, mp3, video, and picture because of it's design capacity into it. From 1 gigabytes to 8 gigabytes or more, they sure come in handy. Also another that makes this device very attractive to use is it price. Depending on what currency your using almost all cost is very low compare to the benefits that it can bring.

Imagine carrying a thousand song in a very small device and that device can be plug-in to a player that automatically plays the song inside it without having to press any button or just pressing a single button for manual play. Now where do viruses come here? The very characteristic of the flash drive that can be plug in to all computers is the same usefulness that the virus uses to spread itself from computer to another computer. Let's say we have a clean flash drive and we plug it in on an infected computer without knowing that the computer is infected with a virus. It is then detected by the computer and is added to its system. Then once we transfer a file which is infected to the flash drive then we also create a scenario for that virus to infect our file once we activate the file that is infected. Another way of infecting a flash drive is as soon as the auto-run of the computer open the flash drive the virus immediately copies itself into the auto run files of the flash drive thereby spreading itself faster when we plug our infected flash drive into other computer or laptop. Remember not all anti-virus software can detect harmful scripts is a flash drive or from the internet. 

The best way to solve this problem is to install a USB port virus scanner. The function of this flash drive virus scanner it to scan automatically all flash being detected by the computer. If a computer has ten USB port it will be scan as soon as a flash drive has been detected on one of those USB port. USB virus scanner is very easy to install and requires small amount of memory to function. Once it is installed into the system of the computer it will always be active and on guard. We can verify this by expanding your task to see the icon of the installed USB port scanner. Remember folks this is an added layer protection for your main computer or laptop where we keep most of our original files and important documents. Together with the anti-virus installed in your computer the USB port scanner main task is to check every device that your attach to your computer especially flash drive. Having them installed is more safer than just relying on your trusted anti-virus software. We do not need to buy them there free USB port scanner available in the internet just search in the web to your favorite search engine and they appear instantaneously. Remember it better to safe than sorry.

How about you what do you think, care to share?

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  1. USB virus scanner is actual simple to install and requires small amount of memory to function.We can verify this by accretion your assignment to see the figure of the installed USB port scanner.
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  2. Hi all,

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