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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Computer Evolution: Desktop, Laptop, notebook, Tablet and Smart phone. Part 1

Ever since the computer came into our life in has evolve and still evolving or should I say spawning new type or bread of computer devices that adapt to our daily needs. Since the early 1970 and 80 where the full pledge desktop computer came into be it has become the center stage of all work, play and family activity of almost all person. I mean we love how the computers have helped each and every one of us in doing our daily task in work, school and at home. During the 90’s a new medium of communication was developed and since then the computer has become more than useful it has become a necessity for almost everybody. That form of communication was the internet as we know it today. Back then only a few person could it, the scientist, the military and some privilege institution. But as more and more institution and organization realize the value of the medium of connection and communication which can only be accessed via the personal computer as IBM would market it. Back then only the personal computer was the means on how to access the internet. Then people who are highly mobile want something more, they want to take the computer with them, but hey who want to carry a large four piece electronic equipment consisting of the screen, system unit, keyboard and the pointing device. Also how do we power them if ever we could take these devices?

Enter the Laptop small mobile computer although less powerful than its big desktop cousin. It has become the epitome of mobile computing. It can carry in one single piece. The screen is attached to the monitor plus more importantly it has a battery which can be recharged and once the battery is full of charged the laptop can be placed in a bag and strap on your shoulder. A person can work while one the move. In buses, airplane, ship even in restaurant. No more waiting to go to the office or at home before one could access those important document. The laptop become the new star of the computing world because this computer is mobile, one can work where ever they are located. Since then everybody has now own a laptop the mobile computer. In the office or school we could easily connect the internet, the network as there. How about the laptop how can we connect it to the internet also? Our needs also evolve since the internet was a major point in computer development. How can a mobile device like the laptop connect on the internet while on the move?

Enter another spawn of the internet the Wireless fidelity or WI-FI. In its early development it was deem to slow, but at he network technology develop faster so does the WI-FI technology develop also. A lot was invested to harness it for commercial purposes. As the wireless platform keeps developing, its importance become very obvious, at first only big company would setup a wireless access point and every employee or guest who has a laptop can be access to that even if you in the toilet you could be connected to the internet. Then many more realize the value of having a WI-FI access point, every one was setting up WI-FI access point. As the WI-FI developed a parallel development was also taking place in the other places like the phone. People wanted to talk with each other even if they are part apart. There is desire to communicate even in long distance. The telephone was a very useful device for this it was every where even on the side street. But our needs evolve again, we need something mobile, something we cam also carry just like the laptop.

Enter the cell phone, as wireless technology become feasible more telecom companies setup there own network of cell site and as the cell site increase so did the cell phone. Now every one can communicate even when they are on the move, the cell phone became a must have a need not just for corporate people but for everyone as long as there are signal to connect you to the network it was wonderful. Together with the laptop we now have a complete tool for work on the move, the laptop and the cell phone. It was complete or so we taught. To be continued…………

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  4. Now I know the computer Evolution.Thank you for sharing.I like this post.

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