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Monday, September 19, 2011

The Computer Evolution: Desktop, Laptop, notebook, Tablet and Smart phone. Part 2

To continue back then we taught that having a cell phone and laptop was complete, we have the mobile device for communication and a mobile computer to do the task at hand wherever we are. At first we where happy of these two things in our daily activity, but then there is something that is bugging us about these two things that we have they are both bulky and heavy. Yup especially the old model laptop was heavy and big. It takes a lot to carry them around and we need a separate bag to put them in. This would add a lot to the weight that we are carrying. Yes they are mobile but heavy as well and if we frequently moved around as our job requires it then it would be too taxing to move and carry them all daylong. While the cell hone may be smaller compare to the laptop yet we barely can grip firmly on our hand. It may be okay for people with big hands, but for a person with small hands this bulky cell phone is sometimes to big to handle. The cell phone adds additional weight to our carrying weight and another device to put in the bag which is already full of other stuff that we carry around our daily routine.

Now then that was the scenario some year’s back big heavy laptop and bulky cell phone, there was no smart phone yet of some kind. Also if a person wants to take picture of friends, place and other stuff that might interest them then they bring along a handy digital camera with a memory card or the earlier film based camera. Now we have three devices to bring with laptop, cell phone and a digital camera. But wait another device that we need to bring along also is a portable music player. Yup because some or most of used would like to listen to our favorite music while on the go and since the Sony walkman was the first portable player in the earlier days. A new digital based music player is new and has replaced the walkman a main portable music player. Also since the walkman was limited to the number of song it can played the new digital based portable music player was more to offer like five hundred to a thousand song in a single player and we rightfully named it the as the MP3 player. Soon everyone has an MP3 player of all size, colored and shape. And since it was very small it could be keep in the pocket or our carrying bag or in the pocket of our pants or to some extent we could just carry it, another way is to put a strap on it and hang it over our neck as we move and listen to all out favorite music. We could listen to all the music that we wanted the only thing limiting that is the battery, but a few charge everyday would really go along way. Aha another device to add to our carrying list now we have four of then.

Now it a complete mobile work experienced, a laptop, cell phone, digital camera and a portable music player. But hey how about the size and weight of the laptop and cell phone and can I have a device that I can use to take picture, make a call or text my friends, office mate, family members and last but not the least my boss. On the case of the laptop, designer reduced it size to 14 inch and other small type. Some call it the notebook; others call it the net book, whatever name is given to it the laptop has spawn a small version of it which is lighter compare to a full-size laptop. While some version has limited computing power compare to its bigger cousin, other has equal or more computing power added to it. Although on important hardware of the small version laptop is missing and that is the DVD player which is standard on all regular size laptop. Who cares anyway since we have the more portable USB flash drive which we used to store almost anything. Then technology find a way to combine the digital camera, cell phone, music player and the laptop all in one package and more. We now call it the smart phone, it has two cameras, and one camera can have eight to twelve mega pixels which is very comparable to most digital camera. A high definition video player and recorder as well and also just like the portable music player the smart phone can host hold equal number of music and better quality sound too. The smart phone can now also connect to the web via the WI-FI network whenever possible or use the regular internet subscription from the local service provider. Either way it can be used to browse the internet and read and check our email while on the move. Now we carry only thee devices which is very convenient, the small version of the laptop, the handy USB based flash drive and our very important smart phone. Which for all practical purpose can be place on a small bag as we move along in our daily task? Or so we think……….

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  1. A complete mobile work experienced a laptop, cell phone, digital camera and a portable music player. But hey how about the size and weight of the laptop and cell phone and can I have a device that I can use to take picture, make a call or text my friends, office mate, family members and last but not the least my boss. Thank you all for the information. This blog turned out to be very informative with everyone’s opinion together.
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