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Friday, September 16, 2011

User's Manual One of the Most Neglected Item yet It is an Important Tool

As a computer technician we are required to know computer in and out. Most the time when some friend ask me to setup there newly purchase computer or installed a newly purchase printer among other things. In my personal activity when a member of my family purchase something new i am the one that always get to setup it up, especially is it is an electronic device and based from all of these i always used the item called the User's Manual that came with the items because it pays to read and pay attention to it than starting on the wrong point.

But these has not always be the case for me, on the earlier part of my life and career i am also guilty of neglecting the most important item on a newly purchase box next of course to the item itself the USER'S Manual. It seems i am not the only who caught the bug of throwing away the user's manual  or never paid attention to it every time when open the box and setup's then item. I remember once when we purchase a separate VCR and speaker system. We go directly to the  VCR and speaker system set it up with heart founding for with joy we did not bother to read the manual's that is included in each item. We quickly hooked interconnect the two system and then connect to the television set to really complete an assembled home theater system. We plug in all the cord in the outlet and turn the power on all three. We put a movie cassette on VCR and press the play button and we waited .Remember back then all items need to be manually configured in order to work properly.

One important thing that needs to be setup is the system for the VCR and TV, in this part of the world all system must set to NTSC so that the TV will display color picture and the system of the VCR should be the same so that the output of the VCR can be seen clearly on the TV. In short both systems should be the same. When the movie appears on the screen of the TV well it look like it was created for silent watching and only two colored where display the black and the white. Right then and there we quickly realized we did something wrong we check all the connection from the TV to the VCR to the speaker. But they where correct and we were left scratching our heads wondering what is wrong with these things they do not work very well together.

When things go wrong in the initial part of the setup we tend to always think that there is something wrong with the new items that we purchase. It must have a factory defect of some kind as we ponder on what went wrong. We have exhausted all sorts of solutions on our part and when we cannot seems to make it work we always blames the item. But as experience taught us the solution to the most common problem that we encounter at the beginning is right there in front of our eyes. Like us when we finally use and consult the user's manual we found out that the simple solution to our problem with the VCR and TV hooked up is that the default system setting of the VCR is different to the system setting of the TV. We quickly adjusted the VCR system setting while reading the User's Manual on how to do it. After following all the instructions to the letter the result was very satisfactory the movie now appeared in full colored on the TV screen and with a clear sound to boot using the new speaker system. What a sight of relief, finally we where able to watch comfortable all our favorite movie back then while drinking a cold soda and setting comfortable in the couch.

Lesson learn for life for me, always use the User's manual that why the manufacturer always include it. Also do not throw it away it  may come in handy for future usage. Keep it in a safe place.

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