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Friday, October 14, 2011

Ultimate Business Phone - BlackBerry Bold 9900

This article is a guest post from  mobiledeals of  http://www.best-mobile-contracts.co.uk/

There is one thing you notice when you first pick up a BlackBerry Bold 9900 contract and that is the notable difference in shape of the new device compared to earlier versions. It is far slicker than some of the recent BlackBerry attempts and has little excess on its newly streamlined body. This is very impressive, though not as much as the feel of the QWERTY keyboard, which really leaves a very positive feel in the hand.

The screen on the Bold also feels fantastic and after using the original BlackBerry Bold you will be relieved that BlackBerry had done a better job with this. This display is a 2.8inch one that offers nice contrasts and good colours. Though it is only a 640x480 display it looks well because of the displays diminutive size.

The phone itself responded well to use and you can see the difference made by the 1.2GHz processor almost immediately. The device is quick and has no lag issues like some of the previous devices we have used from BlackBerry.

This is in no way hindered by the new operating system, OS7, which goes a long way in speeding up the phone. This system is a lot more intuitive than the previous ones and goes a step in the right direction at pushing RIM up with iOS and Android – though there is some work to do just yet.

The preloaded applications, such as Docs2Go and Drop-box, are extremely handy and give you a sense at where BlackBerry is aiming this phone. The phone also had a good camera and we found the auto focus to be very good. It was also well capable of recording 720p videos, which was a relief and we enjoyed the fact it was an improvement on the last Bold's camera.

The Bold 9900’s browsing experience is very good as well, although a lack of support for Flash means that some sites don't work which feels a little limiting. Saying that, the mixture of a QWERTY keyboard and a touch screen had its advantages when browsing and the pace at which the device delivers the pages onto your screen is quite exceptional.

The device also has NFC which is great, it’s just a shame its early days yet and not so many places use right now. With more and more manufacturers throwing this into their phones though, it won't be long before mobile payments become as commonplace as chip and pin or even cash.

Overall we enjoyed the Bold 9900, it’s a big improvement for BlackBerry and one RIM and fans will be happy with.

This article is a guest post from  mobiledeals of  http://www.best-mobile-contracts.co.uk/

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