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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

10 Things My Dream Cell Phone Could Do

This Article is a guest post from Ms. Coleen of  Phonetvinternet.com and here is the link from the original article located at 10 things my dream cell phone could do

Mobile phone technology has become rather amazing to me; the things that my cell phone can do are incredible. However, in my daydreams I wish for a phone that can do even more. Here are 10 things that my dream cell phone could do.
  1. Call Anticipation. Right now, my cell phone can tell me who is calling, or what number a call is coming from. I want a cell phone that will tell me what the caller wants to speak with me about. It would be very helpful to know whether my son is calling to borrow money or just to tell me that he misses me.
  2. Call Avoidance Determination. This feature would allow the phone to tell me whether the person that is not answering my call is avoiding my call, or is just too busy to answer or call me back in a timely fashion. Knowing when another attempted call is a waste of time would be a good thing.
  3. Call Avoidance Override. A companion to the Avoidance Determination function, this feature would allow me to go a step further. Having determined that the person at the other end is avoiding my call, I could then push a button that would override the mute and call ignore functions on that person’s cell phone, and turn their ringtone volume to max until they answer.
  4. Strategic Break-Up. I envision this as a cell phone that is so well adapted to me that it knows when I’m about to say something stupid and breaks up on cue to keep the other party from hearing me when I say it. A secondary function of this feature would simultaneously tell me what I should have said.
  5. Stupid Avoidance Warning. To go along with Strategic Break-Up, my dream cell phone would call and warn me when I’m not on a call and about to do or say something stupid. This feature would be helpful in avoiding driving errors, and in curbing the many ill-considered things I do while working or performing chores around home.
  6. Traffic Clearance. My current cell phone has a GPS-related feature that warns me of traffic problems up ahead on my programmed route, and suggests alternative routes. I want something better. I want a phone that calls cell phones in every vehicle on the route I wish to take, and give them alternate routes so that I can stay on my chosen course free of traffic problems.
  7. Parking Spot Clearance. I also want my cell phone to be able to find and call the owner of the car that is parked in that perfect spot, and tell them that there is an emergency that requires them to vacate that spot immediately.
  8. Personal Cone of Silence. Anyone old enough to remember the television show Get Smart can likely see where I’m going with this. When I am on a call in a public place, I want a phone that creates a personal cone of silence, so that I can talk undisturbed and without disturbing those around me.
  9. Call Jamming. A companion feature to the Personal Cone of Silence would be the ability to jam all cell phones within my hearing distance. This would be really helpful when I am having quiet visits at restaurants and coffee shops, or enjoying live musical performances, and others are distracting me with their cell phone conversations.
  10. Divine Speed-Dial. Yes, I want a cell phone that allows me to have God on speed dial. No more wondering whether my prayers are being heard, or whether I am being guided by the voice of God. Pick up the cell phone, push the big G button, and have a conversation with God. Heck, if my phone had this feature, it wouldn’t need all the others on this list.

    If you think that I’m not being realistic and reasonable in reporting all these things that my dream cell phone could do, you’re right. The words realistic and reasonable are nowhere to be found in the title of this article, and are rarely found in my dreams or wishes.

    This Article is a guest post from Ms. Coleen of  Phonetvinternet.com and here is the link from the original article located at 10 things my dream cell phone could do 

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    2. One day all of this will be seen in one phone. Im also waiting for that day to come since it would be like real appealing to have that phone. And also if it has a tracing system kinda like the one in the internet that allows you to trace a number.

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