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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

5 Reasons to Love the Pocket CD, Tiny and Transportable

1. Compact and Convenient

Slip it into a pocket; store it in a box on the desk or throw a pack in the dash compartment of the car and have a variety of data and music available, instantly. Just three inches in diameter, this multi-color, mini pocket disc provides the same CD-R quality as his big brother the 120 mm CD-R, but offers customers compact storage, convenience and quality sound.
2. Storage and Formatting

The portable, 21min/185mb storage capacity, leaves none of the waste of the larger disc. With a variety of colorful discs, the pocket CD-R is compatible with CD drives up to 32-x speed, recording up to 3 hours of compressed audio. It is compatible with mp3 formatting. Dictate meeting minutes with compressed audio, create digital video clips, or organize your schedule while traveling to and from appointments.

3. Maintain Memories in Small Bits

These technologically advanced digital-manila folders carry large amounts of information or music in small, easy-to-access mini CD-R technology. Cataloging all those birthday parties, holiday celebrations and family get-togethers, the pocket CD-R slides into the camera and stores in a wallet, eyeglass case, or paper clip holder, just as easily. Avoid editing CD’s, or scribbling all over the cases to separate work from play. Remove the clutter from the office with the pocket CD-R that is small enough to store in the desktop pen caddy.

4. The Business Card That Lasts

Create a business card pocket CD-R that will not break the bank. Load the card with graphics, digital video clips for sales merchandising and provide customers with a compressed audio sales or project prospectus with the push of a button. It fits easily into a laptop disc drive, allowing customers to access business information, phone numbers, email and site addresses from the little disc that stores in the wallet.

Similar in concept to the small, 33-rpm music record of the 50’s and 60’s; this little powerhouse fits in digital cameras, burns from a laptop and loads into a standard CD player. When traveling, it can be difficult to sift through standard size CD t's. The larger CD-R has its place but for small bits of data the mini disc is bet. With the pocket CD-R anyone can load a resume, individual projects and favorite music on convenient, 21 min. disc of storage-muscle that manages music, resumes, graphics and digital video clips for office or school presentation.

5. Separate Work and Play

It has never been so easy to show grandmother and grandfather the “G-rated” sections of the family vacation. The pocket Verbatim CD-R offers separate storage for those slightly “R-rated” photos that remind friends of great times on the last Las Vegas vacation. With the 120 mm/700mb CD-R, information can be difficult to compress and track. The large disc cases are lost or scratched, easily. The pocket CD-R stores anywhere, easily, decreasing the scratch and damage risk. Before the mini CD-R there was no way to store smaller bits of data or music without filling your desk, back seat or shelves with the large, shiny, discs of early compact disc technology. The pocket CD-R is a cost effective and convenient technological advance that travels well, stores easily and fits almost anywhere.

Christine Artesia writes on technology, finance and art.

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