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Thursday, November 3, 2011


This article has been contributed by David Ritchie. David is a software developer and technical writer with over 10 years of professional experience. He is currently interested in registry cleaner reviews.

Registry cleaners can be very helpful computer programs. They enable a computer to regain some of the speed that the computer had when it was first purchased, and when used correctly, they are very safe aids to provide an inexpensive boost to a computer’s power. However, there are certain myths about registry cleaners that appear to be pretty prevalent throughout the tech community and these sorts of folklores frighten many computer users away from these programs.

One popular myth is that the Windows registry does not need to be cleaned because it is self regulating. This is based on the idea that anything built into the Windows operating systems. Including the registry, would be automatically optimized by Microsoft to ensure the best possible state of operation. However, while this is true to a certain degree, problems in the operating system and removal of third party programs, aging hardware, or even user actions can suddenly spur the shutting down of a computer. 

There is also a claim that registry cleaners do more harm than good by removing registry entries that are useful for a computer system. All registry cleaners are certainly not made to the same level of quality, and certain registry programs can indeed rather cause more issues than solving them. Modern computer software, however, is very advanced and problems caused by registry cleaners are very rare. Many newer programs provide a registry backup function to guard against any issues that might pop up. Even if a program does not provide this functionality, it is very easy for a computer user to make a quick backup of the computer’s registry file. If ever there is a problem with what a registry cleaner program does, the changes that it has effected can simply be rolled back.

There are some risks associated with registry cleaners and unfortunately, the folklore makes it hard to separate fact from fiction.  Registry cleaners need to be kept up to date and they do not usually need to run very often – just once in every few months should do the trick. It is also important to follow the instructions provided with a registry cleaner program very carefully (this is true with any piece of computer software, of course). When these registry cleaners are used correctly, they can provide a huge speed boost of the computer by clearing up bad entries that cause the computer to slow down.  It is, therefore, a foregone conclusion that registry cleaners are a boon rather than a bane to computers.  

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