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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Computer 101: Do a PRO-Active Computer Maintenance Approach.

Do a PRO-Active Computer Maintenance Approach, what, how to you do that well in simple terms, if you are a computer technical support at your work places or just happen to own one of things called a computer then you can do a pro-active approached in maintaining your computer.  Do not wait for your computer to show sign of problems. Most of the times doing a preventive maintenance in any machine is more effective than solving or trouble-shooting the problem itself. But I do not have the necessary tools to that? Well that not true especially for windows based system. Practically speaking it has all the tools you will ever need to do preventive maintenance. I will not go into details with those tools because I have already blog about each one of them.

The things that I am suggesting here is that you as a computer technical support needs to change the habit of waiting for the problems to show up before acting on it.  But most problems a computer could have is a result of the user of that computer not using the computer properly. Like downloading almost anything on the web from music, to files to picture and going from one website to another. Then when their computer has problem as a result of that usage they always will shout that their computer has a bug on it. To combat this you need to educate all the people in your work places regarding the harmful effects uncontrolled web surfing or downloading. It really pays to educate the workforce to make them aware of the danger they face when they surf the web and click on emails that are suspicious.

Speaking of email that are suspicious, you as the guy who knows not to click emails like that should always educate your co-workers about the risk of opening emails that they believe came from an unknown source. For clicking on this kind of emails will always result in a virus infecting the computer where it has been opened and will spread on the network where that computer is connected locally. But they always say that their computer has an anti-virus to deal with virus. This is also another dangerous mind set. Because not all anti-virus can protect the computer from unwanted malicious program that tries to enter the computer via emails. Again to combat these make sure you explain the real world truth running a programs via clicking and email ink is very-very dangerous even if the computer has an anti virus installed.  

Also educate them on what to do if they suddenly receive an email that came from an unknown source even if the email tell them to click  on the link because they have won a very large sum of money and needs to be verified. These are the kinds of line that most of us get our computer infected. Another is just using a simple message lines like from your love ones you now follow by click the link to see the message send to you. Educate them by saying if your love ones sent you a message would it be more special is he or she just email it clearly to you rather than telling you to click on the link. For male part of the workforce sometime it is very easy to have them click on the link jus by saying free nude picture of a known celebrity they know. Yup one of the most common trick for male person to click is using the word free nude picture, that really gets the adrenalin flowing. Then after clicking the link the virus or malware gets activated and your computer is now infected. Sadly even the anti-virus installed is now been disabled by the action of clicking the link.

To be pro-active is to educate the user who uses the computer. Educating them will take time and effort but the result is very rewarding and productive. Remember knowledge is power, the more they now things or stuff the better it is for them to always on guard and the more better for you as a  computer technical support because your work will be more productive and beneficial for all. 

How about you any pro-active ways that you want to share?

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