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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Differences of the Electric Cigarette.

The benefits of e-cigarettes in comparison to traditional cigarettes are outstanding. By understanding the benefits, people would likely be more willing to consider the switch. Here are some of the most popular.

With the changing times, many more public locations are prohibiting smoking. Many cities and states have banned smoking in concert halls, restaurants, and even bars. The e-cigarette is not banned from indoor facilities because it does not produce any actual smoke. All that gets released into the air is harmless water vapor. For those that are always looking to get away from work or social activities for a cigarette break, e-cigarettes may be the answer.

Electronic cigaretteImage by Denni Schnapp via Flickr
Another downfall of traditional cigarettes is the continually rising cost. They can cost $8 and higher in some locations due to the taxes. Thankfully, these taxes do not apply to e-cigarettes. While the upfront cost is slightly higher due to buying the mechanism, purchasing the cartridges is significantly cheaper. A heavy smoker can save literally hundreds of dollars a month by switching to e-cigarettes.

Everyone knows how unhealthy smoking is. There are commercial on TV, billboards, pamphlets, and clinics that deal with nothing but smoking cessation. Even though the jury is still out on whether or not e-cigarettes are healthier or work as a smoking aid, it is a known fact that they do not contain the over 4,000 chemicals that are mixed in with the tobacco of regular cigarettes. All that is inhaled is water vapor, and flavoring or nicotine if desired. More studies and time will tell if the e-cigarettes are healthier, but it is undoubtedly beneficial to not smoke thousands of chemicals regularly.

There are also many more flavors of e-cigarettes than are available with traditional cigarettes. Some of the flavors include coffee, menthol, cherry, vanilla, and of course, tobacco. While there are options to flavor regular cigarettes, they do not disperse even flavor and they often mix undesirably with the cigarette. E-cigarettes provide consistent, delicious flavor.
Electronic CigarettesImage via Wikipedia
E-cigarettes even cater to those who do not want the nicotine but still enjoy the act of smoking. The cartridges can be purchased with a choice of nicotine level. Whether the smoker is interested in a high level of nicotine, or a former smoker wants a device with no nicotine, e-cigarettes accommodate both and everyone in between. Switching from regular cigarettes to e-cigarettes does not mean that it is necessary to adjust the nicotine levels the smoker is used to.

E-cigarettes have many benefits that help them to rise above traditional cigarettes. The flavoring and nicotine options allow users to create their custom experience that they can enjoy anywhere.

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