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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

How to Get a Secure Voicemail

Voicemail security is one of the things that is making headlines nowadays. This is because there are now more and more cases of hackers suddenly attacking both popular and regular individuals and trying to extract information from their voicemail accounts.
To help protect yourself, here are a few tips for being able to get a secure voicemail.

Voicemail from the entertainment capitol of th...Image by spDuchamp via FlickrStrong Pin codes:

One of the responses that the telecommunications providers made to the threat of voicemail security and other phone line breeches was providing people with a way to utilize pin codes for account security. Previously, simply dialing the voicemail number would already connect you to your voice mailbox. However, the latest trend is to now ask users to input a pin code before they could start accessing their accounts.

Remember that pin codes would be useless for voice mail security if you would not provide a strong one. Try to utilize a combination of numbers and characters (if allowed) and not just rely on the basic series like 123456.

Do not give your number to just anyone:

A very basic method of getting a secure phone would be to not give away your personal number to anyone. If hackers would not have any direct access to your phone line, then they would have a very difficult time of having to guess around for your mobile number. This means that they would just rather try to target other people who they know are already active mobile phone users.

On the other hand, simply listing your numbers anywhere and everywhere would make it very easy for hackers and other unscrupulous people to target you and your voicemail account. If you would really need to publicize your number, we recommend getting both a public one and a private line.

Get a separate provider that offers voice-mail security:

The most secure your way that you can ensure that you have a secure voicemail would be by actually going with a company that offers you one. There are some companies who are able to provide you with a voice-mail account which use military grade encryption technology to make it difficult for hackers and other types of fraudsters to tap into your account.

This advanced capability of having a complex method for protecting your voicemail would be a major deterrent for people who are trying to get into your voicemail account and browse the messages that you have saved in there.

Julia started out as an intern for a Secure Voice Mail Company in Northwest. She parlayed this position and moved up the ranks to become a lead administrator for network security issues. She believes that her innate interest in computer security and networking technology enabled her to rise up in this position immediately.

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