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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Personal Milestone in this blog

This has been a great month for me personally, why? Allow me to enumerate those things.

1.   My youngest daughter was able to make a recovery from sickness which needed admittance for one week to a local hospital here. Her sickness was complicated with asthma so it is really very difficult for her considering that she is only 3 years of age. We thank the lord God for her recovery and also to both of my parents and my in-laws for helping us through these difficult times.  She is now fully recovered and well and we thank God for all the blessing.

2.    Another is about this blog; it has already reached 100 posts. Cheers, finally it has reached my initial goal of reaching 100 posts this year. I thought I would reach by December 2011 but as it turns out, this blog was able to reach that 100 post mark one month earlier. I thank God for that and also thank you to all the guest blogger who allow there article to become part of this blog. Thank you very much and hope to see all of you in the next 100 posting.

3.     The next personal milestone is getting this blog hosted on my own personal domain. This was my first objective or goal this year and I am glad I was able to achieve it. As you all know I stared this blog in a free blogging platform Blogger.com and my blog address was http://lifeintech-ryder88.blogspot.com/.  Now that i was able to purchased a domain name in blogger http://www.rydertech.com/ . This will be the new URL of my blog, even if you click the old URL in blogger you will be re-directed to my new URL hosted in blogger also. I also give thank to the lord God for this.

4.  Another personal milestone for me was that my first article submitted on EzineArticles.com was accepted. Although this was my first article on EzineArticles.com it will greatly help in establishing my blog. The logo of EzineArticles.com is now appearing in my blog on the side bar. To indicate that I have been accepted on EzineArticles.com.  Here is the link to my very first just click the link to view the article. http://ezinearticles.com/?The-Voice-Application-Software-of-Apple-iPhone-4S---A-Personal-Review&id=6670898. I hope you find helpful.

I hope all of this will keep me going to create more articles that will help the common people in their daily use of the computer and the internet for their everyday activity.

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