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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Setting up a Wireless Network in Your Home – P3

So far let’s check what we have and where we are in our goal of having or setting up a wireless home network. First we need a suitable Internet broadband connection from the local Internet Service Provider. Once we have taken care of that we need to find a wireless router to make the home internet connection wireless. Remember we are setting up a home internet connection so it should not be so hard in getting a wireless router for our requirements.  For setting it up the easiest way is to get a professional help to setup the wireless router. But I have found some resources in the internet that it is easy to setup a wireless router and every one of them is saying it is easy to setup that device. 

Well that is a yes if you have an intermediate level of technical knowledge in going through all those menus and configuring a wireless router. For one just accessing the configuration page of a router is quite tricky. First you need to know the default IP address of a wireless router to access it via the internet browser. If you know what is an IP address look like and how to use it then I think you can setup the wireless router by yourself. But is you do not know what is an IP address and does not know how to use it then do not setup by yourself. I suggest in contacting a professional help in setting it up for you.

But before you do that we need to know how to connect the big old desktop that we have in our home. Sure we have the entire latest internet enable WIFI device but we still have a computer desktop in our home that everybody uses. So how do we connect this computer? Since our objective is a wireless home network, a cable connection from the desktop to the wireless router is out of the picture. So what do we need for the desktop for a WI-Fi connection? Enter the Wireless Network Adapter, the what?
Wireless network adapters

A network adapter is a device that connects your computer to a network. To connect your laptop or desktop computer to your wireless network, the computer must have a wireless network adapter. Most laptops—and many desktop computers—come with a wireless network adapter already installed But if your desktop is n earlier model then chances are it has no wireless network adapter. What does a wireless network adapter look like? But there are still non USB base wireless adapter and they look different. Also there are at least five different type of a wireless network adapter, each suited for different use and connections. A picture of the wireless network adapter and another type of the same name is display below.

Now we need a device similar to the one display above, it may be different in color and brand but all wireless network adapters will function the same and that is to connect any device whenever it is attach to it. In our case we need to connect a desktop computer to the internet then this is the device that we need for that purpose. Another thing we also need to configure this one we need to give it a password to let it connect safely on the network. This device can be plug-in into the computer in any usb port since this is a USB based device once plug-in we do not need to remove it from the desktop computer.  This is the last piece of wireless device that we need to complete our wireless home network. If you are new to setting up a home wireless network you might want to get a help in setting up the wireless device like the router and wireless network adapters to make them secure and free of unwanted or unauthorized network user.

How about you any tips on how to build a home wireless network?

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