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Sunday, December 11, 2011


The following popup:

“Spyware Alert! Vulnerabilities found. Your computer is infected by spyware – 34 serious threats have been found while scanning your files and registry. It is strongly recommended that you disinfect your computer and activate Real time secure protection against future instructions.”

The above may seem like a genuine spyware alert by a legitimate antivirus program, but it is actually a misleading advertisement displayed by the rogue anti-spyware Antivirus System Pro. This is done in order to trick users into thinking that their computer is infected, so that hopefully they would purchase the “full version” of this scare ware program. 

Can an antivirus be a virus? 

Yes and it is actually virus disguised as an antivirus software that opens a backdoor and downloads other virus into user’s computer system. The best thing to be made is download a legitimate antivirus that will fully take all viruses out of the computer. A legitimate antivirus never ruins the user’s computer. In no way will this legitimate antivirus ruin the user’s computer browser and no pop-ups usage. 

Symptoms of PC that has been infected by Antivirus System Pro

Slow PC Performance. Most Adware is not optimized and coded very poorly which causes the computer system to become unstable, slow and unreliable. This kind of adware is constantly running in the computer background.

Numerous undesirable and annoying pop-ups. A typical adware parasite keeps track of your internet browsing habits, sending your browsing history data to remote servers. This adware is owned by third party companies that use this information to advertise their products via numerous pop-ups, toolbars, hijacked homepages and spam letters. All these undesirable advertising methods are used for the victims of this Antivirus System Pro.

Slow internet connection. Antivirus System Pro is constantly using the user’s internet to send the user’s private information to remote server as well as receive ads ad pop-ups from the third party servers. This adware causes much slower internet connection speed and stability. 

Is Antivirus System Pro a SCAM?

Definitely it is a scam. Antivirus System Pro is a successor of some famous malware like System Guard 2009 and Spyware Protect 2009. It is installed through backdoor Trojans and rogue websites. Therefore users must not trust this application that might suggest the users to acquire this program. If Antivirus System Pro sneaks into the computer automatically it slows down the computer system, performs loads of systems scans and tries to scare the user with numerous false security warnings.  It is highly suggested that users must buy a licensed version of antivirus that will eliminate these “threats” and to avoid this scheme. 

antivirus_system_proImage by chrisdigo via Flickr

Beware that this Antivirus System Pro does not work as a security program. But instead, it’s a malicious software which is not able to provide any kind of fog system protection of the computer. The best thing to be done is remove the Antivirus System Pro as soon as it is detected. 

Another tip! Antivirus System Pro is an identical twin of recent Antivir System Pro malware.

Written by Frederic Lewmann a freelance writer who covers antivirus topics, pc tools antivirus social medias, android apps, registry cleaner review and other reviews.

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