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Friday, December 16, 2011

Computer 101: The Dot-Matrix Printer is here to stay.

One of the early technology in printing is the impact printers, during the early era of computers in work place, home and school there is the all kinds of impact printers. One of the most recognizable model of the impact technologies for printers is the Dot-Matrix Printers. It is every where, where there is computer there is bound to be one of this kinds of printer. As time and technology for printer evolve and developed new type of printer started to dominate the landscape for printing. The once proud and dominant dot-matrix printer where slowly replace by the more silent and more efficient ink jet and laser printer. But did the dot-matrix completely loss is usefulness in the era of ink jet and laser printer, well the answer is a big NO. 

Even with today's new type of printing where almost all printer is a combination of three machine or the so called all-in-one type, where one can print, scan and photocopy any type of documents, and yes there is the fourth one the printer can also be used as a fax machine. But before we go any deeper, let's do a quick tutorials on what is a dot-matrix printer. 

What is a dot-matrix or impact printer?

A dot matrix printer or impact matrix printer is a type of computer printer with a print head that runs back and forth, or in an up and down motion, on the page and prints by impact, striking an ink-soaked cloth ribbon against the paper, much like the print mechanism on a typewriter. However, unlike a typewriter or daisy wheel printer, letters are drawn out of a dot matrix, and thus, varied fonts and arbitrary graphics can be produced. Because the printing involves mechanical pressure, these printers can create carbon copies and carbonless copies.

English: Inmac ink ribbon cartridge with black...Image via Wikipedia

Each dot is produced by a tiny metal rod, also called a "wire" or "pin", which is driven forward by the power of a tiny electromagnet or solenoid, either directly or through small levers (pawls). Facing the ribbon and the paper is a small guide plate pierced with holes to serve as guides for the pins. The moving portion of the printer is called the print head, and when running the printer as a generic text device generally prints one line of text at a time. Most dot matrix printers have a single vertical line of dot-making equipment on their print heads; others have a few interleaved rows in order to improve dot density.

Close-up of text from a dot-matrix printer. Th...Image via Wikipedia

Well i hope that the explanation above is clear enough for us to understand what is a dot-matrix or high impact printers. Even though we think that because of new development in printing technology the dot-matrix printer will become obsolete. Well for me i think not, because until this very day that i wrote this article there is a lot of offices and home that is using the dot-matrix printer.

Use of  Dot-Matrix Printer Today

As of 2005, dot matrix impact technology remains in use in devices such as cash registers, ATM, and many other point-of-sales terminals. Thermal printing is gradually supplanting them in these applications. Full-size dot-matrix impact printers are still used to print multi-part stationery, for example at bank tellers and auto repair shops, and other applications where use of tractor feed paper is desirable such as data logging and aviation. 

English: Printronix line matrix printer shuttl...Image via Wikipedia

Some are even fitted with USB interfaces as standard to aid connection to modern legacy-free computers. Dot matrix printers are also more tolerant of the hot and dirty operating conditions found in many industrial settings. The simplicity and durability of the design allows users who are not "computer literate" to easily perform routine tasks such as changing ribbons and correcting paper jams.

English: An Epson MX-80 dot matrix printerImage via Wikipedia

Some companies, such as Printek, DASCOM, WeP Peripherals, Epson, Okidata, Olivetti, Lexmark, and TallyGenicom still produce serial and line printers. Today, a new dot matrix printer actually costs more than most inkjet printers and some entry level laser printers. However, not much should be read into this price difference as the printing costs for inkjet and laser printers are a great deal higher than for dot matrix printers, and the inkjet/laser printer manufacturers effectively use their monopoly over arbitrarily priced printer cartridges to subsidies the initial cost of the printer itself. Dot matrix ribbons are a commodity and are not monopolized by the printer manufacturers themselves.

What do you think is the future of the dot-matrix printer for the next 10 or 20 years, will still be around by that time or for all usefulness and durability it will be another extinct commodities in technology? Can you share your thoughts on these?

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