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Friday, December 9, 2011

Computer Tech Tips on Basic Zone Alarm Configurations

Firewall protects system from inward virus attacks and unwanted outward information sharing. Windows operating system generally comes with pre-installed windows firewall. But you should have one independent firewall to secure your data, identity and other sensitive information.

Zone alarm is a freeware firewall, which has a fully-loaded a paid version too. Till date over 60 million freeware copies have been downloaded till date. Use it to understand its effectiveness.

After installation, you could see the “Z” icon on the right bottom corner of your PC screen, near by the clock. Click it to open firewall window.

It allows 3 tiers of protection under 3 tabs – computer, internet and identity & data. Select each tab to configure each feature.

1. Computer
Under this tier, you could see 4 different security options – Basic firewall, anti-virus & anti-spyware, application control and PC tune-up. However, free version allows only 2 - Basic firewall and application. Other 2 are available once you opt for the paid version.

Basic firewall – This helps to set security level of the firewall. You can set it off, medium or high along a sliding scale. You need to set security high under public zone, i.e., internet. But you can opt for medium security when connected to private network or close end LAN, i.e., trusted zone.

Application control – Infected application compromises information within your system. You can control such applications with this feature. Set it to automatic. You can screen select applications from working too.

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2. Internet
Zone alarm freeware provides you anti-phishing cover under Internet security. Paid version gives you 3 more crucial covers – Browser virtualization, anti-spam and parental control.

Phishing is a malpractice rampant in worldwide web to steal user identity and passwords. Anti-phishing feature counters this risk. Switch this feature on and opt for automatic update under general settings. There is an advanced setting of course but it won’t be wise to tweak it if you don’t have details on browser and OS. History shows you the record of countered risk.

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3. Identity & data
To secure your identity and data Zone alarm allows you identity protection and online backup. With paid version you also get DataLock hard drive encryption.

To use identity protection feature you have to register yourself - this won’t cost you – on Zone alarm website. Freeware firewall provides you 2 GB of space to backup your data. Once you are register on the official Zone alarm site, you have to sync your system with the server for backup process to start.

Things to remember
1. You have to update firewall regularly, at least once a week. Check top right hand of your Zone alarm window for update button. You will get another button – Tools.

2. Tools allow you game mode, preference and scheduled tasks. Firewall restricts data flow required in online gaming. Under game mode you can temporarily lower the security. Don’t forget to turn off the mode once you finished gaming.

3. Scheduled tasks allow you to set intervals for different types of system scans like, anti-virus quick scan, normal scan and deep scan.

4. You can tweak different backup settings and passwords in preferences.

Worldwide web is gold mine and minefield at the same time. You have to step carefully to keep sensitive information away from dirty hands. So better don’t wait till you are knee-deep in trouble. We know – prevention is better than cure.

About the author: Alia Haley is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on technology and luxury. Beside this she is fond of gadgets. These days she is researching about 3d phone. These days she is busy in witting an article on Bushnell Binoculars.

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