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Thursday, December 8, 2011

How to Use the Samsung Conquer 4G Wirelessly

Have you ever heard of WI-MAX? Well first of all WiMAX stand for (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access), so what is really a WiMAX do? is a communication technology for wirelessly delivering high-speed Internet service to large geographical areas. The 2005 WiMAX revision provided bit rates up to 40 Mbit/s with the 2011 update up to 1 Gbit/s for fixed stations. It is a part of a “fourth generation,” or 4G, of wireless-communication technology, WiMax far surpasses the 30-metre (100-foot) wireless range of a conventional Wi-Fi local area network, offering a metropolitan area network with a signal radius of about 50 km (30 miles).

This is according to them which is very techie indeed, now how do we explain this in simple terms? You see it operates using a radio type signal for allowing devices such the signal of a phone to connect to the internet. Yup it is someting like that it allows a device if that device or gadgets has the WiMAX capable to connect to the internet even without WIFI signal. If your gadgets is WIMAX enable then you can try it out and see if you can connect to the internet. One such gadgets is the latest Samsung Phone the Samsung Conquer or the D-600.

The Samsung Conquer or the D-600, can also be used as a laptop. The phone has so many great characteristics that would be hard to enlist in one article. Sprint uses 4G technology, which is also called WiMax. This system is meant to be a broadband solution for all IP-based mobile phones, laptops, computer wireless modems, smart phones and so forth. With its diverse yet compatible Samsung Conquer Accessories, this cell phone is destined to catch the market.

Most importantly, the Samsung Conquer is a 4G phone supported by the relatively new WiMax technology as well, which is an IP based wireless program and although in the next few years, it might overcome the WIFI. The WIMAX can provides broadband wireless access (BWA) for up to 30 miles (50 km) away and is definitely a farther distance offered by Wi-Fi. WiMax is limited though in the fact it is not readily available yet. Currently, WIMAX is used in only a few brand new releases as a backup for the WIFI, but according to the professionals, the WiMax will soon operate out casting Wi-Fi in mobile phones.

English: HTC Evo WiMAX(Evo 4G) ISW11HT BackImage via Wikipedia

WiMax has a host of radios and if you have this on your phone, it will reduce the cost of your access as you would already have radio features on board. Android already has a myriad of these radio and television applications available, With Wi-Fi you usually have interferences and WiMax has the ability to reduce these interferences. The newest WiMax standards cover 802.16 spectrum ranges from 2GHz to 66 GHz, which means such an enormous spectrum range that was never used in a mobile device before.

The differences between WiMax and Wi-Fi is as per this example: WiMax operates like a mobile phone and Wi-Fi works like a cordless phone. With Wi-Fi, your connection is limited to a specific area (which you still have to find). WiMax, however, connects like broadband from a hub, and can be in any location and aimed at any target. WiMax also need dead spots, just as well Wi-Fi need its hotspots too. WIFI is short range but WiMax cover a different type of connection than the Wi-Fi does.

wi-fi fon hotspot base stationImage by osde8info via Flickr

This means that the one cannot do what the other one does. While WiMax is being overrated, there are allegations of it also being caught in disturbance as the Wi-Fi does, which by far was held responsible to being caught in interference storms. WIFI delivers information and data much faster than the WiMax does. The two can, however, be used in conjunction while each performs their own tasks. Wi-Fi can do the connections, while WiMax can keep it going by catching the radio waves when necessary.

At present, the Samsung Conquer and HTC EVO 4G Sprint will be the only two phones which will have WiMax 4G on board. Although the HTC might cost a fortune, yet the Samsung Conquer will try to give the same experience and same strength for less than quarter its price. Among the Samsung Conquer accessories, you can choose out of the Samsung Conquer case or the Samsung Conquer screen protector. However, try your old ones first as might be that they are compatible with the new phone. This phone is really to conquer the market of the affordable cell phones so keep an eye on it.

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