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Monday, December 5, 2011

HTC Desire S is a perfect lady smartphone

Over the years, I was always a Nokia person and a satisfied customer. Nokia always made nice, elegant phones for their female customers and it is a very well known fact. When I finally admitted to myself that Nokia Symbian isn’t fulfilling my need for an interesting mobile phone anymore, I decided to go for a touch screen HTC smartphone.

Being a modern woman who likes gadgets and wants and needs her mobile phone for more than just calling and texting, the search for a seemingly ‘perfect’ smartphone was more than just pure comparing of specifications. So I wanted to somewhat point out the two most important things that a woman cares about when choosing the best smartphone for herself.
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First of all, it’s the size. Brand new smartphones are getting bigger and bigger and it seems that developers forget about our small hands. The flaws of competitive market – so fast you forget about the true customer ‘care’. Yes, I do want a HD touch screen smartphone that can perform everything that a smartphone can and should but I don’t want a shovel in my hand. Not to mention the fear of taking it out of a handbag in a crowded public transport for example.

Having a very limited offer in Serbian telecommunications companies, I narrowed it down to three choices and after weeks of thorough research I have finally settled for HTC Desire S. I have been using it actively for three months now and I must say I am more than satisfied. I am actually surprised how satisfied I am because I was always apprehensive towards touch screen phones. I used to be a QWERTY user and even after three months, I’m still getting used to this sensitive keyboard. It takes time.

HTC Desire 003Image by jauhari via Flickr

The size and weight are just right. Desire S is a 3.7-inch touch screen which is perfect because it has a high-quality display with beautiful colors while fitting perfectly in your hand. Everything above that size would be too much for your hand – you will even struggle with this one before you get used to it. Needless to say, it is very functional, fast and supports pretty much every Android application. There is one big downsize however – the lack of ‘exterior’ case colors.

I was somewhat upset when I learned that it is sold only in gray or black. I really wanted a white one, like you could get its predecessor HTC Desire. I care about the function but I also care about the ‘looks’. Why can’t we just have both, is it that hard? Fortunately, there are numerous online mobile shops where you can browse for cases and other accessories in order to fancy it up a bit. It is truly a great smartphone and it is such a shame they didn’t make a white version. I have to say that for me, iPhone will always be the most beautiful phone when it comes to design but Desire S truly is perfect when you take all of the pros, cons, specs and your financial possibilities into consideration.

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