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Saturday, December 3, 2011

McAfee: Their Solution for PCI Certification Services

PCI Certification can be intimidating, especially for smaller merchants, although larger ones as well can experience the growing pains it causes. It is a fact that in this growing, global, online, consumer driven economy that it is a necessary evil. It feels that way at least because of the rigmarole required to be PCI DSS certified. But the PCI Data Security Standard is out there for a reason. It allows vendors, consumers, banks, you name it to trade with reasonable assurance that credit card information is processed, transmitted and or stored in a totally secure environment. That is a reality of the digital age in which we live, and a requirement that can be met and maintained in a number of ways. One of them being the updates McAfee now offers.

McAfee has taken the necessary steps to help business and individuals become PCI Certified, they even offer a free trial period of 90 days to give it a go before buying.  Their offer is attractive and many are looking to what is the best way to become certified and maintain that certification. PCI Certification is for many out there a new thing, one that is becoming closely monitored, because of the sensitive nature of credit card information. Consumers guard their information jealously and a sure way to fail is to prove to consumers you are not taking every single available as well as necessary step to guard their information as jealously as they do themselves. Or else consumers may turn to the competitors that do.

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The PCI Data Security Standard is maintained by a council that was created as an independent entity by the main credit cards. That is right, this came down from the credit card companies, but the vendors are the ones, especially individuals, or small to medium sized companies that are faced with sorting out how best to become compliant and not pay an arm and a leg with an IT security firm to do so. McAfee is a familiar face, one whose brand many use for business or personal security already. They have made seeking a solution just a little, or if not tech savvy, a lot easier. To be honest, some of us out there are better at those sorts of things than others, but McAfee offers a service, not just a software package, although the package is a good start, when more help is needed this might be the choice to which one would turn. McAfee includes scanning, remediation assistance, technical support, self-assessment (with a SAQ Wizard to ease the way), and validation of merchant compliance status for Level 2, 3 and 4 merchants.  

Heinrich Meyer is an avid writer and promotes a website to help people find UK customer support numbers including the McAfee phone support number.

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