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Monday, December 19, 2011

Simple Guide on How to Have The Best Laptops

Christmas day is almost upon us, somehow a lot of people out there has already gotten his/her gifts for Christmas and some of those gifts are gadgets such latest smartphone, desktop computer, tablet or laptop. For those who have not yet gotten there gifts especially if they want a laptop or the gift giver has not chosen any laptop yet for gifts because of  still confuse on what to based the choices to get that laptop, i have created a list of things to consider when buying a laptop this Christmas season as gift or for personal enjoyment.

The first part of the list for some has one of the most weigh in deciding on getting a laptop, you do not need to be a technical person to understand the first part. while the second part needs a little understanding of the technicalities of laptop and computers. Enough about these here they are and i hope you find the list very helpful.

laptopsImage by saikofish via Flickr

1. Price. You have to have a fixed budget when planning to buy a laptop because in case you don’t know, laptops are more expensive compared to their counterparts. Once you identify your budget, then you need to stick to it.You need to be strict when it comes to your budget.

2. Size Laptops come in different screen size and thickness. So, if you require portability, then you can buy a smaller one around 10 inches wide. But, if you will be working in a fixed place and only requires lesser portability, then you can choose the 15-19 inch laptops. What is the most comfortable  screen size for you since laptop is smaller than desktop you need to set the size of the screen that you want when considering the size of the laptop.

3. Brand The proven laptop brands include DELL, HP, LENOVO and ASUS which does not have much computer breakdowns. However, there are other brands that are also dependable but still under review. this part needs a little research or get some information from your friends ask them what kind of laptop they have and what are the key feature for each then based on that set your mind to the brand of laptop that yo would like to buy. This will make it easy for you to choose among the different brands of laptop available today.

MSI laptop computerImage via Wikipedia

After discussing the aesthetic parts and company guarantee of laptops, here are other important things that you should know to help you decide what to buy:

1.Central Processor Unit (CPU): The CPU refers to the speed of your laptop and is measured in GHZ. Now, if you are going to use your laptop doing some basic stuff only, then there’s no problem with a lower GHZ but if you will be using it in gaming or graphics or videos, then you should opt for a faster CPU.

2.Memory Cards: Most laptops today only have 2GB memory but it’s not a problem for an average user. Nevertheless, when you want to open many programs at once and still require your laptop to run fast, a higher memory is what suits you.

A System76 laptop displays the Ubuntu Edgy log...Image via Wikipedia

3.Hard Drive: If you plan on saving or downloading movies and audio files apart from the data files that you have, then you should opt for a bigger storage like a 400GB hard drive.

4.Operating System (OS): Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS X which only runs on Apple computers, and Linux are just the few of the Operating Software in the market. The OS is the base software that is running on your computer.

5.Wireless network card: To be able to connect to the internet, your laptop computer needs to have a network card so that wherever you go, you can surf the internet once your laptop detects a wireless network.

6.Optical Disk Drive: If you want to watch DVD movies or have files saved on cds then you should buy a laptop which has an optical disk drive and shun away from net-books and notebooks though you can still buy an external optical disk drive.

Blu Ray TrayImage via Wikipedia

These are the basic features of a laptop and this Best Rated Laptops Guide is to help you decide what to look for in a laptop. With these tips, you will now be able to buy the laptop that really suits your needs.

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