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Friday, December 23, 2011

Three of the Most Influential Gadgets of All Time Part 1.

Back in the early days we were able to send our voice thru the air and hear them thru a very remarkable gadget known as the Radio. With the Radio the news and information can now be heard and delivered a lot faster in your living room. All sort of show was born and a lot of widely popular singer was first marketed or heard thru the radio. 

With the use of the radio, we can now hear song, commentaries, news and some other information that was using the radio at that particular time. Even with the coming of the television the radio was never totally replace but instead it continues to reach people where the television signal cannot reach or the actual gadgets or TV set is still beyond the reach of a buying capability of a person. While the radio is cheap and very light compare to the television which is for a tie is big and bulky.

European transistor radio multi band DSC_3022Image by holdit via Flickr

New Transistor Radio Group 1Image by alexkerhead via Flickr

Then came the world of visual where now the news anchor can be seen in person or the singer of the song as well can be seen not just heard. This is now possible with the development of the Television. At first it was all black and white then the explosion of color came thru our living room with the advent of colored television. Now we two of the most influential gadgets in our time the radio and television. Together hand and hand these two gadgets has become the bearer of information from it live point. The color television usher in a new era of programming for each type of show that can be televise. 

There was the politics national or local, entertainment which covers a lot of area and has one of the most numbers of followers. Then there was the world of sport and all sorts of them was broadcasted or can be seen thru the television. The there is news and information, from weather report to Wall Street. All those type of information was freely being sent directly to us to our living room everyday and every night.

Television set for Wikipedia userbox icons, or...Image via Wikipedia

SMPTE color barsImage via Wikipedia

We though what could be the next gadgets that would top these two, at first the most influential of them all was develop separately. This gadget was a result of the combination of the two gadgets mention above but also of several other gadgets that we have develop separately and is very useful to us individually. The first of these gadgets was the camera from its early days of black and white picture to using negative to develop the picture to instant picture via the Polaroid camera where we can take the picture and after a few minute here comes the picture no more waiting days, before we could see the result. Then from still camera the moving camera came where with these gadgets we can capture an activity where the gadgets records the whole event not just a single moment of it. Imagine seeing your younger self over and over again playing or doing what you really like back then. The camera was indeed very useful by itself. 

Old camera-wholeImage via Wikipedia

My Smallest Camera (EDIT: Now my second smallest!)Image by Arty Smokes (deaf mute) via Flickr

The next device is really very revolutionary gadgets where its impact in our day to day activity is still being felt today and will continue for next generation to come.

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