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Friday, December 23, 2011

Three of the Most Influential Gadgets of All Time Part 2

The next gadget is really very revolutionary gadgets where its impact in our day to day activity is still being felt today and will continue for next generation to come. It all started with the need of mankind getting tired of writing everything he knows so he imagine and design gadgets that would make writing so much easier. Thus the type writer was born out of the imagination and perseverance of the human spirit to make doing things a lot easier.  From then on we have seen the type writer’s development and evolution from its humble beginning. But still information had to be type immediately and printed immediately with the type writer. Man needed something that would make editing document very easy and because editing on a type writer was very tasking, we needed to find a way on how to make editing documents very easy before we need to print the final copy of the documents.

Then came the era of small electronic system, suddenly everything that was vacuum tubes turn very small and we could make electronic system on a very small package. This ushered in the new era of a gadget that would make a very deep impact in our daily lives. Before only large corporation or institution could only use these gadgets because of their size. The early computer like the ENIAC where it size is comparable to a small house. Also it would take several people to operate them. Then an idea was born that would make these computer become house hold name and necessity. They make them small and called it Personal Computer and put all software that would make it very useful indeed. Since then the Personal computer has been developed together with all its application, it has become a must have in every places that has electricity on it a must have.

Apple iPhone 3GS, Motorola Milestone and LG GW60Image via Wikipedia

Today we could do almost anything to a computer except to take bath or wash our dirty laundry. I mean the computer can function as a type writer while making editing very easy. We could listen to it as we do in radio or watch movie or television on it like a television set. With the help of the internet we use the computer to do only transaction from bank or shop online or locate places all around the world best of all we could use it to communicate with our friends and family from anywhere on planet earth. With the advent of different social networking sites like Facebook.com. The importance and need for computer has never been more defined. With all these things coming to us we thought it would be enough for our needs. I mean we have the computer and its sister the laptop for mobile computing needs.

English: Mobile phone evolution Русский: Эволю...Image via Wikipedia

English: iPhone 4 redefines what a mobile phon...Image via Wikipedia
The computer was excellent but we need to add an additional capability on it to make it the best gadget of all time. I mention we made the computer small but we need it to make smaller then we need to put another gadget into it where this gadget is also a very important to us. We use these gadgets in our daily activities to communicate with each other where ever we are on this planet. That gadget is the telephone and its cord less or wireless cousin the mobile phone. By combining these two gadgets the mobile phone and the laptop we now have a champion gadget called the Smartphone. Pretty nit gadgets, by integrating the telephone into the computer we now have an almost complete gadgets. The explosion of Smartphone in our time is very evident first there was Nokia, then came Apple which really redefined how a Smartphone should look and feel like, then a Korean company known for electronics products gave us the another Smartphone called Samsung Galaxy SII which could compete with the Apple I phone 4 series and many other manufacturer have their own version of the Smartphone.

English: Nokia N900 communicator/internet tabl...Image via Wikipedia

English: Samsung Galaxy S IIImage via Wikipedia

The Smartphone could almost do it all except using it as a kitchen sink. By combining all the features of previous gadgets within it we have created a gadget that is more than the sum of its parts. Hmm I wonder where I heard that part. How about you what is your best gadgets of all times?

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