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Monday, January 9, 2012

Computer Hardware Familiarization Part-2.

The computer hardware that we need to be very familiarize is the hard disk drive or hard drive or HDD. Currently all hard disk drive out there that is available in the market is already in SATA type drive. Although some hard drive that still carry the old EIDE or IDE type remains. The one characteristics of the Hard drive is it's size, where in today's standard will fall on the 320 gigabytes or 500 gigabytes. Also if you want bigger size than the standard one then drive size will be entering the Terabytes zone where after the 500 GIG size the next one is ONE TERABYTES.

For a quick info SATA drive is faster in terms of data access and transmission compare to the IDE type drive.

The Hard Disk Drive or HDD

evolution of hard disk drive PCBsImage by AutomaticDefence via Flickr

English: Several PATA hard disk drives.Image via Wikipedia

Hard disk dissectionImage by Roberto F. via Flickr

Inner view of a Seagate 3.5 inches hard disk d...Image via Wikipedia

English: Diagram of a computer hard disk driveImage via Wikipedia

Image via Wikipedia

SATA connector on a hard drive; data connectio...Image via Wikipedia

Six hard disk drives with cases opened showing...Image via Wikipedia

English: A Maxtor IDE Hard driveImage via Wikipedia

English: An IDE hard drive with it's upper cas...Image via Wikipedia

SATA connector and IDE connector

A 7-pin SATA data cable.Image via Wikipedia

Ελληνικά: Καλώδιο 7 pin μεταφοράς δεδομένων SATA.Image via Wikipedia

English: SATA power cable Ελληνικά: Καλώδιο τρ...Image via Wikipedia

SATA-Kabeltypen AWG 26, AWG 28, AWG 30Image via Wikipedia

Cable ideImage via Wikipedia

Compact flash is just a miniature ATA interfac...Image via Wikipedia

Ελληνικά: Σαραντάπινο καλώδιο IDEImage via Wikipedia

IDE ribbon from http://www.commentcamarche.net...Image via Wikipedia

Deutsch: Zwei IDE-Kabel. Links ein 80-poliges ...Image via Wikipedia

Another important component is the PSU or Power Supply Unit. The power supply distribute the needed electrical supply for each different components of the computer hardware.
The Power Supply Unit

ATX computer power supply with connectors for ...Image via Wikipedia

English: A modular and a non-modular power supplyImage via Wikipedia

IBM PS2 MCA Model 55 SX, power supply, memory,...Image via Wikipedia

A 15-pin SATA power connector. Note that this ...Image via Wikipedia

More computer hardware components on my next post.

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