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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Computer Hardware Familiarization.

We may be in a new year but still a lot of people out there who has or is using computer still do not know enough of what's inside the machine they are using. So i decided to do a post where the contents is 90% picture. A warning to all these post is intended to educate people who has little knowledge or do not have knowledge of the inner components of a simple desktop computer. If you want to learn or educate yourself then please by all means read and look on. Below are the most basic parts of a computer hardware.

Click on the image to make it bigger. Have Fun learning


English: labeled diagram of Acer E360 Socket 9...Image via Wikipedia

Laptop MotherboardImage via Wikipedia

C-One motherboard explained.Image via Wikipedia

The A8N VM CSM, an ASUS microATX motherboardImage via Wikipedia

English: Mobo with AMD Processor. First includ...Image via Wikipedia

Motherboard Side Connector

motherboard backplate hdmi dviImage by fsse8info via Flickr

There is a ton of different types of motherboard in the market. But all of theme if you look closely has the same identical parts only the color and position of those parts change.

Central Processing Unit or CPU and it's accessories the Heat sink and Cooling FAN

An OEM AMD heatsink mounted onto a motherboard.Image via Wikipedia

Motherboard switched-mode power conversion sectionImage via Wikipedia

An intel CPUImage via Wikipedia

CPUs from retired computers waiting for recycl...Image via Wikipedia

Intel Core i5 ProcessorImage via Wikipedia

Deutsch: CPU-K├╝hler, Boxed Version von Intel f...Image via Wikipedia

English: Heat sink with thermal resistances us...Image via Wikipedia

The central processing unit together with the Heat sink and Cooling Fan go hand in hand. The CPU will become hot as soon as you turn on the computer. To absorb the excess heat it needs the Heat Sink and to continue absorbing the heat generated by the CPU, it need the Cooling Fan. Without the heat sink and Fan the CPU would eventually burn-out due to the heat it generates while in operation.

The Random Access Memory or RAM

English: TwinMOS DDR2 DIMM memory Modules for ...Image via Wikipedia

DDR on DDR2 motherboardImage via Wikipedia

DDR2 on DDR motherboardImage via Wikipedia

Ddr sdram 2Image via Wikipedia

128Mo Rambus RDRAMImage via Wikipedia

English: RAM memory modules. TOP L-R, DDR2 wit...Image via Wikipedia

The RAM or Memory is another key components of the computer. These hardware parts must be compatible with the motherboard for it to work properly.

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